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Linode, Minecraft su "Attack of the Show"


Stasera L'attacco dello spettacolo su G4 TV presenterà un segmento su Minecraft, il gioco di costruzioni sandbox di cui molti di voi sono probabilmente già ossessionati. In caso contrario, dovreste dare un'occhiata a Sito di Minecraft per informazioni su come partecipare al gioco. A Linode è stata offerta la possibilità di partecipare fornendo l'hosting per il segmento e noi abbiamo accettato volentieri.

Linode è una piattaforma fantastica per ospitare un server Minecraft. È disponibile anche un Linode Minecraft StackScript per rendere rapidamente operativo un server Minecraft SMP.

L'episodio andrà in onda stasera tra le 7 e le 8 EST su G4 TV. Controllate gli orari locali!

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    Good on you guys for getting on board 🙂 I love it how you’re often involved in community projects, and always willing to lend a hand (and resources)! Much appreciated!

  2. Christopher Aker
  3. Author Photo

    +1 Linode.

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    It is really cool to see a small start up company be featured on national television. Keep up the great work Linode!

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    I setup a Minecraft server without the Stack Script 😀 It’s very heavy on Java resources though. I am running a Linode 1024 and a Counter-Strike:Source server uses up about 1/3 of my RAM, while Minecraft server uses all of it by default.

    That is kind of resource usage is outrageous for a game that looks like an 8-bit Nintendo game. You can scale it down to something with less RAM usage, but the server becomes kind of choppy at that point.

    Hopefully when they get to Beta they will work on optimizing the server to run on less memory.

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    What Linode plan were they given for that large server?

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    Good Job Linode! — It’s Good Once again to see you guys helping out a lending hand 🙂 Good Job ! +1 AAA JOB!

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    @Jason I realize that this is an ‘old’ thread, but you can’t possibly compare Counter Strike with Minecraft just based on its presentation. It’s all about what the game server has to track, and Minecraft has way, way more to keep track of than CS does.

    Plus, to be fair, Java (& .NET) tend to run higher in memory usage.

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    @Jason The new update really helped out with that. My server is using about half the resources as before.

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    I know this is a bit of an older thread but I just started playing Minecraft and it’s a lot of fun. Back when I had FiOS TV service I didn’t watch Attack Of The Show that much. Having it in standard definition only was kind of a drag. Luckily though I’m now a subscriber (and employee actually) of DISH Network where I not only have G4 in HD but a huge listing of other channels in HD as well.

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