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Linode dà il benvenuto a Dave Finnerty

Sono lieto di annunciare che Dave Finnerty è entrato a far parte di Linode a tempo pieno questa settimana. Dave ha il compito di costruire il nostro servizio clienti e il reparto di supporto e, in quanto tale, sarà responsabile di assicurarsi che voi ragazzi siate felici! Dave porta la sua esperienza da vari lavori IT nell'area di New York. Siamo molto contenti del suo futuro contributo.

Unitevi a me nel dare il benvenuto a Dave nel nostro team (e per favore, incolpatelo di tutti i problemi d'ora in poi).

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    Welcome Dave! You sure picked a good company to work for. At least from my perspective as a very satisfied customer. Let’s hope the future will be as bright as the past. My uptime is 99.97% since 774 days when I started counting. And 30 mins of downtime was because of me, not you. Nice! :).

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    Surely if you have a service that has been as reliable as Linode has been for me, and an interface that’s so easy to use, you don’t need customer support?

    And no, I’m not being paid to say this haha! Anyway, welcome Dave 🙂

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    I was going to say exactly what James did!

    Welcome, Dave. Don’t expect much demand for your time. =^)

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    Thanks for the welcomes.

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    Welcome David. 🙂
    Glad you’ve joined Linode!
    Don’t worry–I’ll happily blaim you when my Linode crashes. 😀
    If it does, oh well!
    I’ll just inform Caker that you crashed my Linode. Then we’ll watch as your Linode runs out of memory, and begins to OOM on processes, as the power of Caker causes your Linode to spin off intto a flying dustball of space particles. 🙂
    You do know that Linode is a planet and that Caker is the sun of that planet, don’t you? 😀
    And that the Linode network is the stars and moon? 😀
    Have fun. 🙂
    Regards, –Keith

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    Welcome Dave! 🙂

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    I thought I was the one to blame!

    The intern.

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    Welcome Dave! Hope to meet you soon. 🙂

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    Welcome Dave. You have joined a rock solid company.


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    welcome david

    you’re on the winning team

    congrats ;o)

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    Welcome Dave. You’ve joined a good group of people. I hope you enjoy your new job with Linode LLC. Should be a very rewarding experience.

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    Welcome Dave congrats joining a company which is growing so fast !

    I love linode and recommend it to everyone !

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    welcome, Dave

    I love Linodes Service, it allows me to do just about any thing I need For business and personal.

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