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BlogLinodeL'ufficio ristrutturato di Randy

L'ufficio ristrutturato di Randy


Randy è stato fuori casa per l'ultima settimana e abbiamo pensato che gli sarebbe servita una piccola ristrutturazione dell'ufficio. Ha trascorso così tanto tempo a costruire nuovi host che volevamo farlo sentire a casa quando sarebbe tornato alla sua scrivania. ... .

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  1. Author Photo

    Is that an OSHA approved fire-retardant cubicle?

  2. Author Photo

    So you guys use SuperMicro servers.

    Good to know.

  3. Author Photo

    Slightly better than tape on the floor 😉

  4. Author Photo

    Aahahaha! Nice office!

  5. Author Photo

    You certainly have overactive imaginations… That should crack a smile!!

  6. Author Photo
  7. Author Photo

    Ahaha — great job! 🙂

  8. Author Photo

    Love the ‘drive-thru’ window!!

  9. Author Photo
  10. Author Photo

    EPIC! It’s good to see a company with a scene of humor.

  11. Author Photo

    It actually looks like my office… well a few weeks ago at least… we finally got rid of our box fort.. It was really messy when Dell double ordered my APC UPS’s…. I had boxes everywhere. 🙁

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    Very creative. Gave me an idea for one of my co-workers.

  13. Author Photo

    You’ve gotta use static bags on the window opening! You wouldn’t want a packet storm to get at your workstation :).

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    I use books instead of boxes. Very nice. Do you have to paint often?

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    I seriously would love to have this cardboard fort as my office space. Imaginative and cooler than any other desk area to date. High honors from an entrepreneur. B

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    Can I have permission to use this image?

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