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Kernel personalizzati con pv-grub

È ora possibile avviare kernel personalizzati e persino sistemi operativi alternativi sotto la propria istanza Linode utilizzando pv-grub, una porta del bootloader GRUB nel kernel Xen mini-os. In sostanza, Linode si avvia nel kernel pv-grub, cerca il file menu.lst e i file kernel associati e poi esegue il kernel.

Sebbene questa funzione sembri piuttosto interessante, è sicuramente per i tweaker là fuori. Non forniremo alcun supporto per configurazioni personalizzate o sistemi operativi alternativi oltre al supporto di pv-grub stesso. Raccomandiamo comunque di eseguire i nostri kernel, a meno che non abbiate esigenze molto specifiche o vogliate semplicemente scherzare.

C'è un articolo del wiki per iniziare e anche un altro articolo che descrive la liberazione di BSD su Linode.

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  3. Author Photo

    How stable is that? Is it stable enough for a production system?

  4. Christopher Aker

    How stable is pv_grub? pv_grub boots your own kernel, and then it’s done, so it has little to do with stability. I think the question is: how stable the custom kernel that you’ve provided is.

  5. Author Photo

    Well, the reason I’m asking is because I have experienced stability problems with vmware’s CONFIG_VMI kernel option in an otherwise very stable kernel.

  6. Author Photo

    In case anyone else is thinking of going down the same path I tried, the CentOS 5.2 kernel-xen package wasn’t built with all of the options specified on the linked wiki page, so it won’t work with pv-grub without a custom compile (unless I did something wrong).

  7. Author Photo

    That’s great news. I’m going to play around with this a bit.

    I suspect I won’t be able to get it to do what I ultimately want: boot an OpenSolaris (2008.11) instance. I’ve been able to get OpenSolaris running well on XenServer, but I can’t use pv_grub. The root filesystem is ZFS, so the script can’t reach in and pull out the menu.lst file unless it knows how to deal with that FS.

    In my experience, I have to use the PV-args and PV-kernel parameters in XenServer to make it work (see my website for details). If there’s a way that you can expose those configuration items, that would be awesome.

  8. Author Photo

    I recently switched to Linode because of this. I’ve been running Gentoo with my own custom kernel for a few days now and it’s working great. This feature is awesome.

  9. Author Photo

    I’m in the process of switching from slicehost because of this.

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