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Jay LaCroix sitting down at a desk with the text tar command next to him, along with the Linode logo in the top right.

How to Use Tar on Linux | Command Line Tips from Linode’s Top Docs

tar provides a standard interface for bundling files on Linux. In this video, @Learn Linux TV shows how to use tar in the command line.
Jay LaCroix with the text Linux Memory and Swap being used as a title, along with a picture of a penguin, hard drive, and computer RAM, and the Linode logo.

Linux Server Swap and Memory Usage Top Docs from Linode

In this video, @Learn Linux TV will show you how to monitor how much memory is on your Linux server with HTOP and what swap memory is.
Jay LaCroix seated next to the title text DNF Package Manager featuring the Linode logo in the top right corner.

Essential Guide to the dnf Package Manager in Linux

In this video, Jay LaCroix teaches you about the dnf package manager, install and update packages, and remove unnecessary ones.
Brandon Hopkins holding a phone and tablet with the text Take Kali Anywhere next to him.

Kali Linux in the Cloud – Take a Kali Instance with you Anywhere!

Kali Linux is a FOSS, Debian-based Linux distribution that has become an industry-standard tool for penetration testing and security audits.

The wget Command – How to Download Files From a Server

GNU Wget is a non-interactive tool for downloading files from the internet and is also equipped with a large feature-set.

Command Line Basics, Data Streams – How Linux Handles Input, Output, and Errors

In this video, we'll take a look at the three types of data streams on Linux, standard error, standard input, and standard output.

Does Arch Belong on a Production Server? Pros and Cons of Running Arch

Arch Linux is a rolling release Linux distribution, known for being cutting edge. It’s also known for being very customizable.

btrfs Filesystem for Linux Top Docs

In this video, Jay from @Learn Linux TV will break down some of the features of the btrfs filesystem, including how it differs from others.

Server Monitoring made EASY with Splunk Forwarding Easily Readable Server Log Dashboard

In this video, @TechHut covers how to set up Splunk. Splunk is a powerful log analyzer that can be used to obtain network insight.

Bash History Your Linux Command History Explained

Bash, the default shell in the majority of Linux distributions, has countless features and tricks to make you more efficient.

How to Get The Most From Your Server | System Monitoring Best Practices

Now that your Linode is up and running, it’s time to think about monitoring and maintaining your server for the best outcome.

GRUB for Linode | How to Use and Manage Configuration Profiles in the Linode Cloud Manager

A configuration profile functions as a boot loader for a Linode. It controls general boot settings, including the disk the Linode will boot from and more.