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Managing Hosting Checklist

5 Benefits to Look for in a Cloud Provider

Find out how managed providers can improve margins by working with the right public cloud.
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The MSP's Guide to Modern Cloud Infrastructure

Begin your journey into the world of the alternative cloud. Discover one of the best-kept secrets in building a modern Managed Service Provider business.
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ChemiCloud | Linode Partner Story

In a Sea of Competition, Managed Hosting Provider Reels in Success

ChemiCloud evaluated cloud providers like Google and AWS and alternatives like Vultr and incumbent DigitalOcean. Linode was the clear choice.
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Giannis Zachariadis - Pressidium

A WordPress Platform that Delivers on Availability, Performance, and Support

Pressidium believes that businesses need high-speed websites with capacity to scale. It relies on Linode for its cloud infrastructure.
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Georgi Yanev - FastComet
Georgi Yanev

Web Hosting of Cosmic Proportions

Since the company began, FastComet has almost exclusively partnered with Linode as its cloud provider.
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How Managed Hosting Providers Thrive with the Alternative Cloud

How Managed Hosting Providers Thrive with the Alternative Cloud (On-Demand)

Find out how managed hosting providers deliver digital experiences with better ease and affordability in the alternative cloud.
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Cloudways: A Multicloud Success

In this video we're taking a look at a concrete example of a multicloud strategy paying off. Cloudways has embraced multicloud, which has led to both their success as a business and to the customers that rely on them. If you are a business offering software as a service to your customers, it might be time to take a closer look at implementing multicloud.
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Taejoon Jung

Taking Cybersecurity By Storm

Linode’s established presence in Japan and APAC pushed Cloudbric, based in South Korea, to choose the alternative cloud provider.
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Johnny Nguyen from JohnnyVPS
Johnny Nguyen

Built for Speed

JohnnyVPS approaches each client with the same service philosophy—"performance over profit"—a philosophy Linode shares.
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Stark & Wayne

System-based Backup and Retention Software Available to the Masses

A long-time Linode partner, Stark & Wayne is creating technology products for the masses with SHIELD Cloud, backup and retention software.
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Chris Allen - Red5 Pro
Chris Allen

Real-time Streaming Video to Millions in Milliseconds

Many of Red5 Pro’s video streaming customers are better suited for an Alternative Cloud provider like Linode than AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure.
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Turning a Partnership into Profit

Cloudways is expanding its services and matching ever-evolving customer needs, growing 98% YoY and boasting a 95% customer satisfaction rating.
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