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Gentoo Linux 1.4 distro disponível

Gentoo Linux 1.4, disponível através do Distro Wizard.

Eu "emergi" um sistema de arquivos Gentoo Linux 1.4 do estágio 3, compilado e otimizado para >= Pentium4 (Xeon). Admito que pode ser um pouco áspero nas bordas. O feedback seria apreciado.

Site do Gentoo:



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    oh sweet.. ive been using this at home and i really like it.. thanks.

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    You == GOD

    I was sooo hoping someone would make gentoo images

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    I’ve always done my own gentoo installs so I might need a lil assitance with yours. if I try to emerge something is says

    !!! No profile directory; system mode unavailable.

    soo.. one must remember to do a emerge sync first just a note to anyone using this profile

    I’ve only spent a few minutes with this profile, but is there any server software installed? well.. one of the more attractive qualities of Gentoo’s install is its bareness, which is great for desktop building, but as far as servers go the way the image system is like on Linode.. it would be a great advantage to have a gentoo installation with preinstalled server software because emerging apache, php, mysql and anything else is a very time consuming processes. From a shared processing standpoint if you had a bunch of users compiling php and its 28 dependancies it would really bog down the systems. I suppose another weird option might be using the Binary CD’s somehow.. hrmm… just my 5 cents

    umm.. misc gentoo stuff (still adding):

    To Run Webmin:
    #>emerge webmin
    #>/usr/libexec/webmin/webmin-gentoo-init start

    #>emerge apache; emerge dev-php/php_mod
    NOTE: gentoo’s apache package will be the newish Apache version 2 so everything is changed to Apache2 for whatever reason.

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