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Fedora 13 & Slackware 13.1

Temos o prazer de anunciar o lançamento de dois novos conjuntos de modelos de distros:

Fedora 13 - As notas de lançamento do Fedora estão disponíveis aqui.

Slackware 13.1 - As notas de lançamento do Slackware estão aqui.

Nós fornecemos imagens de 32 e 64 bits para essas distros e elas estão disponíveis agora através do nosso assistente de implantação.

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    Woot! Linode keeps rocking out the good stuff! Good stuff guys. Fedora I’ll use on the occasional project, and I don’t use Slack at all, but I know folks who do. Time to hit them again to move to where the service is unmatched – Linode!

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    I know that the slack crew are few and far between but.. being a slack guy myself.. one of the main reasons I have accounts here is because of slackware the other vps I’ve looked into do not have slackware

    so big thanks to you folks for having it and keeping up with it.

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    I second that. Many thanks for the Slackware love.

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    I also use Linode specifically for Slackware! Thank you so very much! I need to upgrade my existing super-stable 10.1 server someday, but after having 500 days uptime, etc, I find it hard to mess with. 🙂

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    Great to hear about Fedora 13! Nice, stable and more professionally manageable than certain others that will remain nameless 😀

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    Yay for slackware and Yay to linode for having the cojones to offer it! The lack of slackware almost every place else has been bothering me so much for so long that I ha to write a post about it.. Whenever I see a hosting compant that doesn’t offer slackware, it always seems like I can detect the smell of warmed-over windows wienies coming out of their server room.. Or maybe its just me..

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