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  1. Cloud Computing,
    dem Entwickler vertrauen

    Businesses scale faster with a developer-friendly and massively-distributed platform to build, run, and secure cloud workloads. Sign up today or contact us to learn more about Akamai Cloud Computing based on Linode.

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  2. Compute & Storage

    Virtual machines and tools for every workload plus  dependable, easily-accessible storage and management — all with Akamai Cloud Computing based on Linode.

  3. Sicherheitslösungen

    Stay safe from threats without slowing down. Akamai surrounds and protects your entire ecosystem — clouds, apps, APIs, and users.

  4. Delivery Solutions

    You create extraordinary digital experiences. Trust the agility and scale of the Akamai Intelligent Edge to help you flawlessly deliver them.

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Scale your business on the most distributed compute, security, and delivery platform — from cloud to edge.

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Develop faster with powerful one-click apps, managed services, technical documentation, and developer videos.

Managed Services

“Linode has phenomenally-generous bandwidth that has shown us savings of around 60% over AWS even without considering the savings on hardware.”

Jonathan Oliver, CEO & CTO

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