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BlogLinodeDanny Ariti schließt sich Linode an

Danny Ariti schließt sich Linode an

Wir freuen uns, bekanntgeben zu können, dass Danny Ariti dem Linode-Team als Customer Support Liaison Extraordinaire beigetreten ist. Danny kommt aus dem Land down under in Gold Coast, QLD, Australien - was etwa 14 Stunden vor dem Linode Hauptquartier liegt - wo er zu unserer Nachtschicht-Support-Abdeckung beitragen wird.

Danny war zuvor bei IBM Australien tätig und hat auch geholfen, einen VPS-Service für einen lokalen Anbieter aufzubauen. Wir sind begeistert, ihn an Bord zu haben. Bitte schließen Sie sich uns an und begrüßen Sie Danny in der Linode-Familie. Sie können ihn als 'array' in #linode sehen.

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    Glad somebody will be covering the so-called “night shift”. It’s wee in the AM at my location. 🙂

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    As a fellow Gold Coast-er, welcome.

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    Hooray, Aussies at Linode! Hooray! 🙂

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    Very good.

    (about 60km away in Brisbane QLD)

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    Isn’t that the day shift? You USians always get things backwards.

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    Welcome to the staff array!


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    Welcome Dan!

    I hope you enjoy your new job with Linode.com. You couldn’t pick a better host to work for that cares more, and listens more to the members than Linode.com does.

    I hope you find your new position rewarding.

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    Welcome from Mackay – that must nearly make us neighbours right? 😛

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    Yehey!!! Someone to cover the night shift (US time).

    I live in the Philippines. At last we got some coverage during Philippine daytime.

    Good work Linode. You are getting things in order everyday…

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    Welcome, from another Gold Coaster 🙂

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    P.S. When you have some time, please update Linode’s info at http://wiki.debian.org/DebianHosting

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    Welcome from the Aussie capital, Canberra!

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    I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with Danny Ariti and he has been really helpful and instrumental in resolving our problem !

    That to in our day time here in India !

    Way to go Danny & Linode !

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    Thanks Danny! (Array)

    Linode.com is the best as of yet I have not seen one flaw in there service and support. My account was activated instantly, I received great support on #linode on OFTC I love it. Thanks for making it even better.

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    Welcome aboard from Wollongong, Dan.

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    Danny was very helpful today, fixing a problem that had been going on unsolved for a few weeks. Awesome.

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    Danny has helped me twice now and he is one of the most professional customer service agents I have ever dealt with. Thank you Danny.

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    Cool. Any thoughts of a Linode expansion to AU? It would be good to get the latency down…!

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    Daniel, I highly doubt that, considering the cost of bandwidth in the AU etc, unless they make some fancy special packages for that location…

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