博客LinodeLinode 8岁了;磁盘空间增加25%。

Linode 8岁;磁盘空间+25%。

很难相信,自Linode推出以来,八年已经过去了。 有句老话怎么说来着--"一个热爱自己工作的人,一生中不会有一天工作"? 或者 "当你玩得开心时,时间过得很快"? 嗯,我当然可以证明这两句话的真理。 我相信这一点,并希望每个人都能如此--尤其是Linode员工。 对我来说,团队中的每个人都热爱他/她的工作,这对他们的个人健康和公司的利益都很重要。 我们非常幸运地找到了这样有才华、有动力、有激情的人,他们都与我一样对Linode充满热情。 这些人都热爱他们的工作,而且他们是为了你。

当我在近十年前的2002年底开始为Linode工作时,有一件事我是肯定的:它将会是一个成功。 当时我对成功的衡量标准比Linode目前的现实要谦虚得多,现在也是如此,这就是为什么我对我们在过去八年所取得的成就感到惊讶,以及员工的生活因Linode而发生了多少变化。 人们从全国各地搬到这里,建立关系,结婚(包括一个在办公室举行的婚礼),并开始生孩子和养家。 我为我们这群杂牌军所取得的个人和职业成就感到骄傲。

在过去的12个月里,我们已经发展到超过4万名客户,并将收入提高到比前12个月的140%。 这是每九个月左右的收入翻倍。 我们的员工数量增加了一倍。 我们完善了我们的管理备份服务,悄悄地发布了一个完全翻新的Linode Manager界面和API ,升级了我们在美国和欧洲的所有五个设施的网络容量,在我们的IPv6能力方面取得了重大进展,能够赞助许多Linux和F/OSS会议,并建立了我们的Linode图书馆文档项目,超过400个指南和方法。 毫无疑问,我们已经积累的势头和我们的计划将在未来12个月内产生另一个丰厚的成就清单。

庆祝我们的成功包括你,我们的客户。 为了纪念我们的生日,我们正在增加所有计划的磁盘空间+25%。 这对新的和现有的Linodes来说都是可用的。 为了利用你的新空间,你可以简单地调整你现有磁盘图像的大小,点击图像并输入新的大小。


Christopher S. Aker

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    Woohoo! thanks linode! I was waiting for this. I wish you guys celebrate your anniversary every month 🙂

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    Thanks guys. Long live Linode 🙂

  3. Author Photo

    Thanks! keep on rockin’

  4. Author Photo

    Brilliant! You can never have enough disk space 🙂

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    Happy Birthday, Linode! And thanks for the cake! … um I mean space! 🙂

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    Awesome! You guys continue to rock. 🙂

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    Congrats on your success! And thank for the upgrade.

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    Thanks Linode! Happy Birthday! I love that the customers always seem to get the birthday gifts 🙂

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    Congratulations Linode! Keep up the great work, and here’s to many excellent years to come. Cheers!

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    Thank you, and happy birthday !!!

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    Happy birthday! Still the best VPS host by a mile.

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    Congrats guys, you deserve it.

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    Happy birthday to you!
    Happy birthday to you!
    Happy birthday dear Linode,
    Happy birthday to you!

    I can’t help but feel you’ve got this the wrong way round, though. Surely we should be giving you gifts on your birthday? Not the other way round!? Hell, I won’t complain! 😛

    Cheers guys!

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    Thank you. Happy birthday and congratulations foryour great company.

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    Congratulations, and thank you very much for the upgrade!

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    Congrats and thanks for keeping up the great service! I love you, Linode <3

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    You launched on Captain Picard Day….. thats a good sign!


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    Congrats Chris & Everyone at Linode!

    You guys still provide one of the best experiences I’ve had to date and my +500 days of uptime proves that in itself. Since my node last booted you guys have given us two disk space increases and a ram increase. Even without those, it was great back then and it looks like it will continue to be.

    Keep up the great work!

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    Congrats, and I’ve no doubt there will be 8 more fruitful years for you guys. Your services are amazing – no problems, no excuses, just great service.

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    Happy birthday! You are the best hosting provider in all aspects, thank you that you exists 🙂 I love Linode.com ! I’m so happy that I found such awesome VPS hosting.

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    Happy Birthday to the best hosting provider I’ve ever used.

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    Grats and thanks for the upgrade and always being stable 🙂

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    Woohoo! Thank you and Happy Birthday! 😀

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    Happy Birthday Linode – The best hosting provider i ever have tried – Keep up the good work! – Thanks for the diskspace :-)!

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    I was just looking at the Linode manager and wondering why I was only using 80% of my allocation.

    This explains that 🙂

    Now I need to figure out why cpu usage suddenly plunged downward.. not that it’s a bad thing 🙂

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    Thank you and Happy Birthday!
    Cheers… 😀

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    Excellent! Happy birthday!

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    You’ve built a great company. You should be proud. It’s one of the best customer experiences I’ve had.

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    You know, you guys rock. Thanks, the extra space comes in handy from time to time.

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    When I first came to Linode, I didn’t know exactly what to expect. I came from the shared hosting world and had experimented for a month with Slicehost, which didn’t really catch my attention. I’ve been amazed to see Linode grow the way it did and feel very lucky to have found them.

    Thank you for all your hard work, for the bonus space, and for everything else.
    You guys are the best.
    Happy Birthday! 🙂

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    Oh this is paradise! Thank you Linode! And Happy Birthday 😀

  35. Author Photo

    Congratulations on eight years. If you keep up this level of customer satisfaction, I’ll be right here wishing you happy 16th. Cheers to all involved.

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    Congratulations, here’s to the next eight and thank you!

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    Your success is well deserved. Happy to be a customer and the bennies such as free RAM and disk upgrades every now and then is awesome!

  38. Author Photo

    Thanks caker!–I’ve been checking the blog lately to see what the latest anniversary deal would be, and am not disappointed! 🙂 Keep it up with the excellent service. Happy anniversary!


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    Happy birthday, you’re great!

  40. Author Photo

    Happy birthday Linode! Awesome present, I think I’ll switch to a full time customer now after testing the water for the last few months.

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  42. Author Photo

    Awesome surprise! Happy birthday guys!

  43. Author Photo

    Best VPS service. Congrats on your success and thanks!

  44. Author Photo

    man, you rock so much …

  45. Author Photo

    Oh my freakin’ word! You guys just keep making it better. I’ve never had a moment of regret choosing Linode. Stuff like this is icing on the cake! Congratulations on 8 amazing years, and here’s to an infinite number more!

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    Thanks for a great service and congrats on building an excellent company!

  48. Author Photo

    You guys rock! Keep doing what you’re doing 🙂

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    Congratulations! I’m proud to be a Linode customer, the best customer service ever, and such a reliable service. So many great features too, and so easy to use. The Linode Library is fantastic as well. I’d recommend Linode to anyone (and I do!) Here’s wishing Linode a fantastic future, I’m definitely a life long customer.

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    Happy birthday linode! Truely an amazing service and crew.


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    Wow fantastic thanks a lot Linode. Here’s to another 8 years eh?

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    Congratulations to all Linode team!!

  53. Author Photo

    Thank you guys for the great service and everything that you do that makes Linode amazing! Happy Birthday!

  54. Author Photo

    Congrats guys, I love to hear stories like this. Keep up the good work!

  55. Author Photo

    As the official grumpy old man constantly whining about disk space in the Linode forums, let me also say thank you very much. May I suggest making this a yearly increase?

  56. Author Photo

    Oh Linode, how we love you!

  57. Author Photo

    To be successful doing something you love, and have customers love you in return. You’re livin’ the dream guys!

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    This is just amazing!
    Wonderful job Linode Team!

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  60. Author Photo

    Congrats Linode, the service is great and I hope you’ll be there and relevant 8 years from now. And thanks for that 25% !

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    Will the extras/add-ons pricing for storage be reduced in price as well?

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    Happy birthday and thank for this great upgrade.

  63. Author Photo

    Congrats + thanks for great top notch service.

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    Great news!! I hope someone over there considers this idea as well: Have a network attached storage device that lets you borrow a bit of space for say 24 hours, for a small fee that gets tagged on to your bill. That way when your linode is getting full, you could still back it all up. I don’t want to pay for a backup service, and often I’m so full I can’t write out a tar file to download. Resizing and downsizing is also a pain with downtime. I think it would be fairly easy for you to implement and would be a new revenue stream as well.

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    Wonderful job Linode Team!

  66. Author Photo
  67. Author Photo

    Congratulations & happy birthday linode!

  68. Author Photo

    Yes! I’ve been hanging out for this for about 4 months 😀

    As usual, you guys rock. Pretty much a permanent customer right here.

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  70. Author Photo

    wowie!! you guys really really rock!!

  71. Author Photo

    Keep up the good work, and bon anniversaire !

  72. Author Photo

    Whoo hoo!

    what a happy surprise. thanks! and a happy birthday to you, linode!

  73. Author Photo

    happy birthday Linode! I’ve been happy with you guys for the last two years. wish I was here when it started.

    thanks for all the disk space!

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    Great job lads & happy birthday 🙂

    You made the best hosting I knew ever!

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    Congrats for you success..

    Long live Linode 🙂

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    Thanks for the upgrade (again). I hope to be around as a customer for the next 8 🙂

  77. Author Photo

    Thanks very much guys! Happy Birthday!

  78. Author Photo


    You are doing great job, I am happy user myself and I wholehearteadly recommend you whenever I have an opportunity.

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    Big up! Happy Birthday!

  80. Author Photo

    Happy birthday! Great job!

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    I love it when you do this.


  82. […] Hosting: Linode ($20/mo) How we use it: We are only running one instance currently and it’s actually live at tutorwith.me but there isn’t much there today besides a form to collect emails of people interested in participating in the beta. We are in the process of setting up a staging area that is internal only at live.tutorwith.me so that we can see how the next version that we will push to all users will look like. This way we we can hammer out bugs before they are visible to the public. Why we chose it: Having tried many VPS solutions out there including but not limited to Rackspace, Media Temple and Amazon EC2, Linode is the clear winner in terms of performance for the price you pay. They were also very generous recently and treated everyone with a + 25% disk space for their 8th anniversary. […]

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    kind guys, nice team, great job.
    Happy birthday

  84. Author Photo

    Hi, Linode,

    Thank you.

  85. Author Photo

    Brilliant! You guys are rock stars!!

  86. Author Photo

    You guys just can’t be beat! You keep extending the bar even more.

    Thank you!

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    Long life Linode! Great work, keep up.

  88. Author Photo

    Awesome! Big thanks… and happy birthday!

  89. Author Photo

    Congratulations. You guys and gals are superb.

    Thank you.

  90. Author Photo

    Congrats! And thanks for the upgrade! 😀

  91. Author Photo

    Thank you, Linode. Your success is well earned.

  92. Author Photo

    Great! Happy Bday Linode!

  93. Author Photo

    Congrats and thanks for the superb upgrade! best giveaway (25% increase in diskspace)

  94. Author Photo
  95. Author Photo

    i stupidly looked elsewhere once upon a time for hosting..
    and i came to realise that nothing compares!
    thank you for being so fantastic at what you do.
    happy birthday!

  96. Author Photo

    Props and Grats!

  97. Author Photo

    Hi Chris,

    Congratulations on the anniversary. While your growing customer base and profit is a measure of success I think the real measure is how many original customers you’ve retained! and how you get most of your referrals by reputation. I started off in 2003 with you on my own personal virtual and now in my job I’ve influenced several decisions regarding hosting so throughout the group of companies I support we probably use at least 10 linodes 🙂

  98. Author Photo

    I’m a little late to the party but thanks guys, this is a great treat!!!

  99. Author Photo

    Happy birthday! Thanks for providing a rock solid service! Thanks for the gift of extra space. Y’all are amazing!

  100. Author Photo

    Happy birthday guys and thanks for the great service!

  101. Author Photo

    You guys are ridiculous… ridiculously cool. Thanks!

  102. Author Photo

    This is a late notice for me, not sure how I missed it, but found it at the right time with storage issues on my end. Thanks for celebrating your awesome growth, success and a slice of the anniversary space cake.

  103. Author Photo

    Thank you so much (and here I was thinking of shuffling my partitions a bit cause I needed more space in one of them). 😀

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  105. […] Linode just upgraded their customer’s disk space by 25% as it’s their 8th birthday. Happy Birthday Linode! […]

  106. Author Photo

    Thanks guys,

    As a newbie to anything Linux (Since January 2011) you guys have converted me to Linux which I love, because i use Linode off course.

    Keep up the great work and thanks for the extra space.

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    This is really great guys.

    Thanks and happy anniversary.

  108. Author Photo

    Thank you very much, Happy Birthday and keep the outstanding service

  109. Author Photo

    Happy Birthday !
    and thanks heaps,

  110. Author Photo

    You folk are AWESOME! 😀 Keep up the amazing work!

  111. Author Photo

    Happy birthday and thank you !

  112. Author Photo

    ah ah ah I was thinking to had been stoned or whatever, figure it “I resized my disks and can’t remember when, or WHY?!”

    then realized that there was much more space allotted and *dang!* checked the news 🙂

    thanks for this, and for the great service!

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    this is a great treat!

    thanks very much….

  114. Author Photo

    Patrick: Not sure how I missed it either – but I’m happy – and thankful that Linode takes care of their customers. I’ve been SO happy since I signed on a little over a year ago. This upgrade in disk space coincides quite nicely with a minor adjustment I’m making on my shared (Linode) servers that I manage – doing some upgrades, and reconfiguring some things while adding some redundancy to the mix!

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    Happy birthday and many more years to come !

  116. Author Photo

    Congratulations on your achievement and thanks for the extra disk space! Linode is unparalleled and I thank my lucky stars I found it for my business.

  117. Author Photo

    Well, I logged into my Linode account today after months of not paying it any heed … (that is actually a very GOOD thing — how many providers out there are so unstable that you are checking their site every other day for problems? Not so with Linode, I could go away for a year and everything would still be ticking!) … and got a VERY pleasant surprise! A pile of extra breathing room! First it was extra RAM… now extra DISK! Linode, you rock, happy belated birthday greetings too! Going to go add another two years right away! 🙂

  118. Author Photo

    Thanks!! Linode is the best

  119. Author Photo

    Thank you Linode. Great service and value!

  120. Author Photo

    THANK YOU! i will continue to be loyal customer for a very, very long time.

  121. Author Photo

    Very awesome. Happy Birthday Linode! 🙂

  122. Author Photo

    Awesome, Happy Birthday.

    I love you guys.

  123. Author Photo

    Just when I needed those extra GBs … Simply rocks… I try my best to give similar service to my customers too, where they dont have to worry about my service …Rock solid …. Cheers,

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    Happy Birthday ! Linode truly rocks. We’ve been with you for a couple of year now, and we tried pretty much all the competition out there. Linode comes first each and every time and on pretty much every front.

    You don’t brag about having “fanatical” support, but it’s simply the best out there, and by far. Quick response time, professional, knowledgable.

    Your server offering is great, with a choice of data centres, an API, really nice interface and an iphone app.

    What more can we ask for?? (well, there are a few things on the roadmap I’m sure), but to be honest – Just keep up the good work. No fancy stuff. No bells and no whistles. Just solid hosting that works !

  125. Author Photo

    I don’t want to complain, I love linode and have been using it for about 2 years.

    However, recently I’ve had offers from local hosting providers that beat you on price, and this is high-priced Switzerland we’re talking about.

    For instance 1.5GB RAM cost as much as 768MB linode. A 3GB instance scost me as much as a Linode 1GB. The rest of the features is comparable.


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