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Wir stellen vor: Linode Managed


Die Verwaltung der IT-Infrastruktur ist zeitaufwendig und ein 24/7-Engagement. Die Aufrechterhaltung Ihrer Dienste und Anwendungen erfordert ständige Aufmerksamkeit, möglicherweise zu jeder Tages- und Nachtzeit. Eine fehlende Abdeckung setzt Sie dem Risiko kostspieliger und störender Ausfallzeiten aus. Wir wollen helfen.

Wir stellen vor: Linode Managed

Lassen Sie unser Team Ihre Infrastruktur verwalten, damit sich Ihr Team wieder um Ihr Geschäft kümmern kann. Verbringen Sie mehr Zeit mit Dingen, die Ihnen wichtig sind, wie z. B. Ihr Geschäft auszubauen, Probleme zu lösen, neuen Code zu schreiben, in den Urlaub zu fahren und mehr zu schlafen.

Linode Managed behält kontinuierlich ein Auge auf Ihre geschäftskritischen Systeme und Dienste. Fügen Sie URLs, IP-Adressen und TCP-Ports zum Managed Dashboard hinzu und wir beginnen sofort mit der Überwachung durch unser robustes, multi-homed Überwachungssystem. Wenn eine Überprüfung fehlschlägt, leiten unsere Experten sofort Schritte ein, um Ihre Systeme so schnell wie möglich wieder online zu bringen - zu jeder Tages- und Nachtzeit.

Benötigen Sie Hilfe bei der Maximierung des verfügbaren Arbeitsspeichers Ihres Systems oder bei der Beschleunigung der Antwortzeiten von Anwendungen? Benötigen Sie Empfehlungen, um Ihre aktuelle Site skalierbarer zu machen? Unser Team kann Ihnen bei diesen und vielen anderen Fragen helfen.

Linode Managed beinhaltet auch den Linode-Backup-Service und Longview Pro - die professionelle Version unseres Dienstes zur Sammlung und grafischen Darstellung von Statistiken auf Systemebene (derzeit im Beta-Stadium). Beide werden für alle Ihre Linodes ohne zusätzliche Kosten bereitgestellt.

Wenn Sie sich bei Linode Managed anmelden, werden alle Ihre Linodes automatisch eingeschrieben. Der Service kostet $100 pro Monat und Linode.

Linode-Bibliothek: Verwaltet

Erfahren Sie mehr über Linode Managed und melden Sie sich jetzt an.

Kommentare (41)

  1. Author Photo

    From the Linode Managed page: “Our backup service is also enabled for all of your Linodes at no additional charge.”

    What does that mean, exactly? For instance, if I sign up one linode in the new managed service, all my other linodes will get free backups?

  2. Author Photo

    While I appreciate the efforts guys, and it’s great to finally have the ability to purchase managed services from you, I think you should have really made this tiered pricing based on which type of linode that was purchased instead of just a flat rate. Hope you will rethink this. Btw, happy linode customer! 🙂

  3. Author Photo

    Would be nice if we could signup for just the monitoring, but not the managing. I know I can do that with 3rd parties, but if it’s integrated that would be nice. Alert me and I’ll deal with it… just do the monitoring.

  4. Author Photo

    @Jake V tiered pricing based on which linode plan you have does not make sense.

    Linode Managed, I’m assuming, is not limited to the plan you have and doesn’t matter as the system is the same for all plans.

  5. Christopher Aker

    @Tiago: Linode Managed is account-wide, so all Linodes become managed, and all Linodes get the backup service included.

    @Jake: Managing a Linode costs the same, regardless of host large it is. So, the additional price for Managed is flat.

    @Phillip: Linode Managed is not a monitoring product. It’s our team helping yours, by responding to incidents and getting you back on the road, 24/7. We’ll also help with tuning to improve efficiency and to help prevent future problems.

  6. Author Photo

    Thanks Caker!

    I’d really love to get Linode Managed for a specific linode.

    I don’t want to pay 100usd/linode for all my linodes, even the ones that I’m paying mostly to try new stuff or to run old websites that don’t need monitoring.

  7. Author Photo

    I hate this idea. The main reason I use and recommend Linode is because of your awesome set of best-in-class online tools to make managing a VPS so easy and which plug-in so nicely to such common business needs. With this offering you guys will have to split new features between the base tools and your new “supported” version leaving me with less powerful “Lite” software to manage my VPSes.

    And even if you assure users the lite version isn’t really lite, I think you’re underestimating the contempt people feel knowing there are better features being held back for lack of a support contract. In many people’s minds your top (expensive) offering will instantly become the offering against which they compare you to competitors and how they view you in relation to their business. You will effectively change Linode from being a pure “wholesale” supplier into yet another managed general hosting provider (which btw isn’t exactly a growing market in our PaaS world.) And worst of all, you will become a direct competitor to much of your customer base.

    People love Linode because it’s fast, cheap, works well, and plugs in perfectly to their needs. That’s why you have grown so rapidly. They don’t want you breaking that model and they don’t want you to destroy your brand.

    If you want to fix problems for people or to do some consulting, that’s great; but do it as a separate subsidiary and leave Linode’s base offering unbeatable.

    Think more Acquia and less Red Hat. And read the story of the farmer who killed the goose that laid the golden egg.

  8. Author Photo

    I’d be willing to pay a few extra bucks a month for the monitoring component, but a managed product isn’t for me.

    Something to consider!

  9. Author Photo

    @caker, take the tip from @Phillip & Michaiel and make a monitoring price tier :_)

  10. Author Photo

    This is definitely something I’ve been looking forward to, for a long time. Longview was just an extra-nice surprise.

    Unfortunately there isn’t any way I could possibly hope to afford this in the foreseeable future. My profit margin is minimal and my actual needs are almost as non-existant.

    It’s just that when on rare occasion something does happen it’s at the worst time possible. Like while I’ve got my hands full with my boss at my day job.

    For people with a lot of smaller clients (especially new startups) who only need $20-$40/mo servers an extra $100 isn’t a bill that can easily be passed on to them.

    A billing option that makes the service practical for the little guys who won’t hardly need it with the extra sanity of help in a pinch would be killer. Even, a minimal flat rate for the service & monitoring with a per-incident fixed fee…?

    I don’t know. Just bummed. :-/

  11. Author Photo

    While I am happy you are offering this now. I don’t want to enroll all my Linodes. I have sites and apps that I use for testing and don’t need to be monitored.

  12. Author Photo


    I tested the beta and I am very pleased.

    For those who run production – not just development – I do think is a great option. I am the only unix admin here so the option is very welcome.

  13. Author Photo

    I’m confused by the promo page and this post (although welcome the service).

    “Pricing is $100 per month per Linode, and every Linode on your account is enrolled.”

    Does that mean if I have 10 linodes, its $100 a month, or 100 per node?

  14. Author Photo

    This is confusing

    “Pricing is $100 per month per Linode”, – Suggest to me Managed services is $100 per node.

    “and every Linode on your account is enrolled.” Suggest to me Managed services is $100 per account.

    And then you reply

    “Linode Managed is account-wide, so all Linodes become managed, and all Linodes get the backup service included.”

    Which means If i have 10 Linode it will still only cost $100.
    And if Backup is included free, that means those who currently spend more then $400 per account will essentially get discount in Backup services as well as managed services?

  15. Author Photo

    @Ed: ” “and every Linode on your account is enrolled.” Suggest to me Managed services is $100 per account. ”

    ^ As far as I can see, you’re reading meaning into this sentence that doesn’t exist.

  16. Author Photo

    Ed: “The service costs $100 per month per Linode” means (to me) that if you have 3 nodes, then you pay $300/month, 7 nodes, then you pay $700/month, etc. The odd thing it seems is that you cannot enroll a subset of your Linodes… it’s all or none. So (for example) if you have dev & test servers that you don’t need or want to be supported, then you have to have a separate Linode account for those.

  17. Author Photo

    Likewise, I’m confused about the pricing – I have 2 linodes in 1 account but would only consider getting “managed” on one linode.
    The other thing I would want is transparency / feedback on exactly what actions/commands were executed by a linode admin – I would want to know what the problem was and what they did to fix it – I want to learn from it.

  18. Author Photo

    @Ed I’m pretty sure they mean $100/Linode so if you had 10 Linode’s it’s cost $1,000 which means if you want development machines to not be covered then you’d need a separate account for them.

  19. Author Photo

    @Rowan Arh… i see so i cant choose which node in my account not use the services.

  20. Author Photo

    Like Tiago said,
    I would like managed services on specific linode too. Please consider about that. We have linodes for tests etc, and paying $100 for those is not what I want to do

  21. Author Photo

    assume I only deploy one type of server, and all server configurations will be identical, and I have many order, assume I managed to get 1000 of them, if I order this managed service, will I be charged 100,000 a month?

  22. Author Photo

    Can we please get Longview outside of this plan on its own?

  23. Author Photo

    I think we were for a long time hoping Linode would provide this service, however with approach 20 nodes, $2,000 a month (USD24000 per annum) seems a little steep given that for the most part nothing goes wrong.

    I guess it remains to be seen exactly what we’d get for the price, but even at half that we’d be forced a doubletake I suspect.

  24. Author Photo

    The Linode Managed service kind of looking risky for existing Linodes offering – as it can certainly impact the Support personal not attending to some of the support tickets and just push to Linode Managed.

    Most of the times Linode Support is quite helpful when a support ticket is raised, usually they find several ways to help with the issues. Now this feature will certainly have an impact on what Support can do and should do and should not.

    Most of the Monitoring and Tuning probably can be dealt to some extent with good Linode Library.

    If the Server goes down for any reason at 3:00am, I think we still have to get up no matter what – to address our customer issues and manage until the issue is resolved. Also we may now ending up following up with Linode.

    Its unclear how long will it take to resolve such issues … is there an SLA?!

    Probably Managed Services should be treated as a Ventures of its Own and not to mix it with Linode offering. We expect Linode Support to be still helpful as it was before and that should not change.

    Are you planning to use the same Support resources or is it a different team? If its the same Support Team, then certianly your level of support with no Linode Managed account will be impacted and leads to poor support from you.

    The reason why we are with Linode is primarily for the Support team, though its pricey compared to few other providers.

    Hope you bring clarity on the offering and not to confuse with this new feature!

  25. Author Photo

    Good feature! But too expensive for sure!
    Would be great to see it made affordable.

    We would need just this service for DB Servers but not for anything else. Also some of our DB Servers are of 16GB side and some are just 2GB size .. paying 100$ for each linode with diff sizes will be really too much! I hope to see a better pricing.

    June 16th is just around the corner and ITS the 10th BIRTHDAY of Linode.

    Hope to some some magic from Linode and bring in more awesomeness to all the customers.

    Any new DataCenter announcements or What else is being Doubled now?

  26. Author Photo

    I’m disappointed to see Linode moving outside of what has made them great, diluting your attention and creating a two-tier support system.

    Just stick to providing great servers and service at an affordable price, and leave the “enterprise” stuff (at an “enterprise” price that doesn’t fit most of your customer base) to others. There are plenty of them, and they’ve been doing it for longer.

  27. Author Photo

    Please could you clarify whether longview pro will be available outside of the managed account package? Some of the comments here suggest that it wont, and this has not been refuted by linode.

    As a beta longview user, I would be rather disappointed if longview will only be available as part of this managed service. :/

  28. Author Photo

    I have two sites hosted on one Linode account. I only need managed hosting for one of the site. How can I migrate the site that needs managed hosting to a new account?

  29. Author Photo

    Managed product is not for me, I just want to use for the monitoring component.

  30. Author Photo

    I really would like to see you break out the service monitoring (just want notifications, no response by your team) and Longview into separate products. I’d happily pay a few extra bucks for those features.

  31. Author Photo

    It does seem the pricing structure needs to be worked on. A good feature, something that I would *consider* in the future, but cannot justify the cost at the moment.

    I can only assume other smaller startups will be feeling the same. I guess it will be easier to rework the prices after they see what the demand is like after initial launch.

    +1 for longview option outside of the management service.

  32. Author Photo

    There seems to be a lot of moaning for something that’s not obligatory. The idea of optional monitoring and support seems sound to me.

    This service would add considerable comfort to a decision maker who does not want to hear that I’m the only guy that can make his system run.

  33. Author Photo

    Monitoring Service, I like. $100/month per linode? Kinda ridiculous.

  34. Author Photo

    Dear Chris ..

    100 per month is way to high for a single linode owner like us. Can you think of making it similar to the linode pricing structure?


  35. Author Photo

    @ Jake — Linode Managed is more than just monitoring. As our fearless leader (Caker) put it, “It’s our team helping yours, by responding to incidents and getting you back on the road, 24/7. We’ll also help with tuning to improve efficiency and to help prevent future problems.”

    @Rob Hoare, @Sharath Win — We recognize the importance of customer support to the success of our business and have no intention of letting the quality slide. To that end, there’s no separate Linode Managed support team; instead, the majority of our support personnel (with a goal of all of them) have been trained to handle both kinds of customers.

  36. Author Photo

    They NEED to make this available on a per-Linode basis (not per-account). If the pricing is per-Linode ($100), then the support should be, too. Like many others, I have smaller/unprofitable/testing linodes that don’t justify spending $100 or anything at all really per month for this service. My main, profitable site’s linode, though, yes, I would pay.

  37. Author Photo

    Would be happy to enroll my Linodes that are actually used for production, but I also have a couple that I just play around with that don’t need the additional management.

    I suppose I can separate my Linodes into two different accounts, one managed and one unmanaged, but it would be much more convenient if I could simply buy management of individual Linodes.

  38. Author Photo

    I’m disappointed to see Linode moving outside of what has made them great, diluting your attention and creating a two-tier support system.
    Just stick to providing great servers and service at an affordable price, and leave the “enterprise” stuff (at an “enterprise” price that doesn’t fit most of your customer base) to others. There are plenty of them, and they’ve been doing it for longer.

  39. Author Photo

    All beautiful things have an end.
    I can’t beleave that a managed system costs 100 dollars per linode for a month.
    It seems that linode is becoming like other competitors, and I don’t think it is a good thing.
    really a pitty.

  40. Author Photo

    I’ve been waiting for something like this for a long time, but pricing is a bit steep.

    I would like to see something like incident based fees per account. ie I have dozens(and hopefully hundreds) of linodes, could purchase 20/500/100 incidents and share them on my account.

    Some users may require constant attention (and should pay for that), and some users like myself might have 1 incident per Linode every 6 months, but would like monitoring and support in those cases.

  41. Author Photo

    its good, for business and enterprise clients… i dont not doubt to spent 100 bucks for my critical business app…

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