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Ankündigung von Linode Manager für iPhone

Wir freuen uns sehr, die Veröffentlichung des Linode Managers für iPhone anzukündigen, eine neue Möglichkeit, um von unterwegs auf Ihr Linode-Konto zuzugreifen.

Der Linode Manager für iPhone wurde für das iPhone OS entwickelt und ist mit iPhone®- und iPod touch®-Geräten kompatibel. Damit haben Sie die Kontrolle über Ihre Linodes direkt in der Tasche. Mit dem offiziellen mobilen Manager können Sie Linodes neu starten, Konfigurationen bearbeiten, Festplatten manipulieren und Aktivitätsgrafiken in einem einfach zu lesenden Format anzeigen, das für den mobilen Administrator optimiert ist. Ein voll funktionsfähiger DNS-Editor ist enthalten, was bedeutet, dass Sie nie außer Reichweite Ihres gesamten Linode-Kontos sind.

Mehr über diese aufregende neue App finden Sie auf der Linode Manager for iPhone Seite. Sie können direkt von unserem Eintrag im App Store℠in iTunes oder auf Ihrem Handheld selbst über die App Store-Schnittstelle installieren.

Viel Spaß!

Kommentare (101)

  1. Author Photo

    This is awesome! Yet another reason you guys destroy the competition.

  2. Author Photo

    Wow, very sweet! Any chance for an Android client btw?

  3. Author Photo

    Great App! Having the DNS-manager available in the app is a huge bonus! Thanks Linode!

  4. Author Photo

    Congratulations, this is probably one of the coolest iPhone apps ever… Well done Linode team!

    Now, when should we expect to see a similar app for the BlackBerry?

    iPhone fans: Don’t shoot!! 🙂

  5. Author Photo

    Looks very nice. An Android client would be good 🙂

  6. Author Photo

    Been anxiously awaiting this release! My iPod Touch is currently syncing a bunch of music, but I’ll try it out when its down. Hopefully it has all the features of the LPM.

    Keep up the good work Linode!

  7. Author Photo

    Looks handy, shame it’s only for iPhones… an Android client would be awesome 🙂

  8. Author Photo

    Ha! Awesome! This will put a crimp in App Fission’s sales of Linode Chief.

  9. Author Photo

    This is incredibly useful for customers who use iphone and it is an incredibly advertisement for your company.
    Making such software available on App Store will be a good advertisement.
    Congratulations but don’t fortget to support Symbian/Windows Mobile 😛
    JavaME should be a good solution to support both in one shot.

  10. Author Photo

    This is really, really well done – thanks.

    Any change of an OPTION to save the password? I have a really long PIN on my iPhone and on balance I’d rather rely on that than risk losing the password to a shoulder surfer (and changing to a less lengthy password!)

  11. Author Photo

    How about an app for those of us who have a BlackBerry? 🙂

  12. Author Photo

    Cool…now if it was just for Android 😉

  13. Author Photo


    one for symbian phones 🙂


  14. Author Photo
    Carl (AmazingCigarBargains.com)

    Exactly what I wanted for a Friday gift!

  15. Author Photo

    This is awesome! Nice work guys.

  16. Author Photo

    Whoa. Awesome.


  17. Author Photo

    I second/third/fourth the notion for an Android app. However, thanks for all the innovation and work Linode provides to keep your customers in the loop!

  18. Author Photo

    Thank you so much! This looks amazing…downloading it now!

  19. Author Photo

    Amazing – thanks!

  20. Author Photo

    Let’s get an ETA on your Android app. Given the nature of the people who use Linode; what phone do you think is more likely the one that they own?

  21. Author Photo

    Awesome job guys, can’t wait for the android manager.

  22. Author Photo

    Wow, really cool app. Very useful. Great job Linode!

  23. Author Photo

    What’s wrong with the web interface on the iPhone browser? Works just fine! Cool to have an app but unnecessary!

  24. Author Photo

    Excellent, well done! This is great.

  25. Author Photo

    Definitely need an Android version!!

  26. Author Photo

    Great job on the iPhone app! Now, if only we can have an S60 app… That would be awesome! Keep up the great work!

  27. Author Photo

    Thanks for your great effort, now I can manage my linode at any time and anywhere

  28. Author Photo


    Sounds great. Just installed on my 16Gig 3GS and when I click the login button (having put in my username and password) the app dies. I’ve relaunched a few times and it keeps dying…. Just thought I’d mention this in case anyone else has come across it.

    btw, what’s that other linode manager app (Linode Chief) on the store (for £3.49. Is that anyone you know?

    Really appreciate your taking the time to write the app 🙂


  29. Author Photo

    @Peter – please file a ticket with details regarding the crash, so we can get to the bottom of that.

  30. Author Photo

    I’m having the same exact problem as Peter.

    I have a 16Gb 3GS and it crashed on login.

    I enter my account credentials and click login. The activity status changes to “Loading Account” and then the app just crashes. Happens every time I try to use the app and login.

  31. Author Photo

    Great app!

    Gentle suggestion — It would be nice if the LOG OUT button were on the right instead of the left… it would keep people from pop-pop-pop-ing one too many levels and logging out by mistake!

    I can’t wait to tinker… change DNS on the fly, check on my linode, who knows what else?

    Alan Porter

  32. Author Photo

    I noticed that the pasteboard is not available in the login page. Would be great if you could fix this in the next update.

    Thanks 🙂

  33. Author Photo

    Can’t wait for the Android app.

    Luckily there’s APIs to keep us tidied over.

  34. Author Photo

    + 1 for an Android client please.

  35. Author Photo

    I have been waiting for this app ever since. Thanks for creating it and distributing for free!

  36. Author Photo

    +1 for Android client as well! Motorola Droid owner here!

  37. Author Photo

    Yeah, an Android app would be awesome! Can’t believe it hasn’t been done yet!

  38. Author Photo

    Great App! Thanks.

    I’d like to support the request for an option to save the password, too.. 🙂

  39. Author Photo

    +1 Android.

    But it is nice to see this stuff. 🙂

  40. Author Photo

    +1 on Roustem Karimov’s comment 🙂

  41. Author Photo

    Way to go Linode! That is exactly why I continue to buy from your company. You support developers, you provide the resources necessary for people to be creative.

    To all of those asking for an Android app. I am writing one as we speak. When I release it, you will be able to get it in market, I will announce the news on my site (click my name for details).

  42. Author Photo

    Looks great – please develop a WebOS version – or simply a supercharged HTML5 version – for Pre and Pixi owners!

  43. Author Photo

    I’m gonna have to ask for an Android app too, that would be awesome.
    Gratz to all the iPhone users though =P

  44. Author Photo

    The app is really slick and useful, but the inability to save the account password, combined with the inability to paste it in from another app (like Wallet) is an inexcusable deal-breaker. Typing long, complex passwords on the iPhone keyboard is painful. (Typing an API key would be even worse.)

    Again, the app is great, but it’s not worth the effort until you fix this. Please do so soon.

  45. Author Photo

    When i login, the app crashes

    i run an app to clear the memory, then open app and login, crash

    restart, open app, login, crash

    i don’t know if i need to reinstall unless their is an update for it.

  46. Author Photo
    Cassius V. de Magalhaes

    Congratulations !!!

    Join the chorus: Linode for Android ! Linode for Android ! Linode for Android !

  47. Author Photo

    Fantastic! Thanks, keep the good work!!!

  48. Author Photo

    Thank you! Thank you! I’ve been waiting for this!

  49. Christopher Aker

    There will be an update released shortly which fixes the log in crash, pasting, and saving password issues.

  50. Author Photo

    Yup – another vote for an Android version. Very nice work guys

  51. Author Photo

    +1 for an Android version.

    Thanks for the hard work guys!

  52. Author Photo

    You guys are awesome.

    Linode is awesome.

    Keep up the good work.

  53. Author Photo

    Awesome job guys, lot of power in this app.

    Note to self, never ever let someone use my iPhone.

  54. Author Photo

    Another vote for an Android version, that would be great!

  55. Author Photo

    Another vote for an Android app (Droid user here)!

  56. Author Photo

    Android pleaz!

  57. Author Photo

    caker: Will the new version also fix the graph problem?

  58. Christopher Aker

    @SelfishMan please file a ticket bug report describing said graph problem

  59. Author Photo

    I’d rather see this for Blackberry. The iPhone isn’t a business phone. It is a toy.

  60. Author Photo

    I’m gonna have to say ditto on the BlackBerry client. =P

  61. Author Photo

    I’m also waiting for Android version.

  62. Author Photo

    Has anyone mentioned that an Android app would be really nice? 🙂

    Good work BTW.

  63. Author Photo

    Nice work, that looks cool and useful. I just tried accessing the site on my Android phone using the plain browser and it works, the text is quite tiny though so it would be nice if we could get the iPhone app on Android in the next year.

    I don’t know about iPhone programming but I’ve been playing with Android programming in my spare time lately using Eclipse on Ubuntu at home and it’s easy and fun!

  64. Author Photo

    Another request for an Android version please.

  65. Author Photo

    Interesting… checked the comments to see if anyone else was interested in android besides me and, wow!

    Anyhow, no complaints about doing it for the iPhone… very cool.

    But like lots of others, +1 on the request for an Android version. 🙂

  66. Author Photo

    Fantastic! This is really, really convenient. I often find I need to check on how my linode is going when I’m out and about and this is a much better alternative than trying to use the website in safari.

  67. Author Photo

    Hi Guys,

    Great work, love having access to my Linode confi while on the road.



  68. Author Photo

    Looks good! Would really like to see/have an android app!! Thanks

  69. Author Photo

    Very awesome linode!

    +1 for Android app 🙂

  70. Author Photo

    This is great but I consider the iPhone to be a toy/pleasure device above all. What about the Android and Blackberry?

  71. Author Photo

    Seems like you opened the pandora box, if someone gets it all wants it 😉

    However, I have to concur with alot of people, will we see an Android app?
    Because Android is the platform I use for my ultra-mobile computing and communications.

    Please tell us, are you developing an Android admin panel.

  72. Author Photo

    Great work! Just installed on my iPhone 3Gs 16GB and works like a dream.

    And the iPhone isn’t just a toy, it is great for business as well, especially our business. I have mine decked out with all I need for emergency roadside assistance should a server crash, I can ssh in from the iPhone to fix things, I can use Softlayer’s iPhone mobile site to request assistance from them on our hardware servers and now I can even login to Linode’s app, reboot a VPS or add a new one right from the phone.

    The iPhone’s mail client is quite capable for business usage, you can also use ActiveSync with Gmail/Google to sync up your gmail, contacts and Google Calendar’s which includes push capabilities.

    It sures saves lugging around a notebook or netbook when I’m out and about.

    As a bonus you can call people (and over Skype on wifi), listen to music and play games as well 🙂

  73. Author Photo

    Definitely need a blackberry app now… And to think, BlackBerries have been around longer and are more popular. Love the BB 😀

  74. Author Photo

    Wow impressive … i love linode

  75. Author Photo

    The app is great, perfect for checking my site’s status on the go, but using 1.0.4 the app crashes frequently. Also it’d be great to see monthly bandwidth numbers.

  76. Author Photo

    Another request for Android.. but until then, ssh on my android phone will be enough!

  77. Author Photo

    @Scott – Please file a ticket describing the crashes. Your experience is unique, and I’d like to get to the bottom of it.

  78. Author Photo

    This is great, but I’d really love the option to save the password AND add multiple accounts, since I have a personal Linode, and some I run for my employer.

  79. Author Photo

    Congratulations ! I’m really glad I picked you guys for my VPS needs. The ride has been awesome.. and now I can even be more productive monitoring and administering my Linodes over my iPhone 24×7.

    Thanks you so much !!!

  80. Author Photo

    Cool, any chance of writing one for android?

  81. Author Photo

    +1 for Symbian (J2ME)

  82. Author Photo

    nice app. only played with it very briefly, but it seems to work fine [and it looks good too].

    this ability to do nerd stuff on my linode, directly from my ipod touch, has finally swung it for me; i’ve signed up for a linode 540 and am now embarking on the ordeal of transferring acroos all my sites from slicehost to linode.

  83. Author Photo

    A prospective British Linode customer (great news on the new London site) who would also like to express interest in an Android version of this (Nexus One owner).

  84. Author Photo

    Android Voter Here 🙂 Considering a switch from Godaddy with 8 all domains.

  85. Author Photo

    Really need to have paste supported asap. This is useless without it if you use a strong password.

  86. Author Photo

    Arg, yet another device-centric mobile application. Honestly, how ridiculous. Why not use an established standard that iPhones/Windows Mobile/Android can ALL use? Why support this ridiculous iPhone device and all its rabid fans?

  87. Author Photo

    Yea- I’m with you Rhett. I’m getting sick of Linode. I’ve been a happy Linode customer for a while now- years. I own a growing business with operations in three states and while they provide great reliable service I haven’t been impressed with the hacker-friendly culture- and that is primarily why I do business with this company. With the product they put out I assume the company would be hacker friendly. It is unique hacker-targeted product. I can’t switch to a competitor and get better service easily. I’m sick of the antics though and when they go and do stuff like this it blows my mind. This is like the arch-animist of hacker-friendly. The iPhone? I mean come on. Do you want to turn away business from the technical audience? For those technical users who have an iPhone you deserve to be… I can’t say what I’m thinking here. but you deserve it.

  88. Author Photo

    I would prefer to use this on my Blackberry than on my iPod touch simply because of the security. But, I like the innovation, and I will definitely check it out!

  89. Author Photo

    You’re kidding, right? I mean, I don’t have a PS3, but if they made an announcement today that they’ve released a Linode Management Console for the PS3, I would in passing probably think, “Who wants to manage their VPS from a PS3?” What I WOULDN’T think is that it’s part of some kind of PS3-centric agenda that they’re pushing.

    But to complain about functionality that they’ve added–functionality that they had absolutely zero obligation to add–makes you sound like a zealot just as bad or worse than the ones you are complaining about. Tell you what, how about we just have NO mobile management platforms supported instead. Would that make you happier?

  90. Author Photo

    No words to describe… drool…

  91. Author Photo

    Okay so how crazy is this to make an app for the iPhone? Only wannabe techies would be caught with one. The iPhone is basically a flashy play toy. This makes me start to wonder if I should start looking for a new hosting provider. I would never dream Linode would support Apple. Besides why do you even need an app? If you have a decent phone the web browser works fine. For those techy users with an iPhone well I agree with Chris you deserve to be…

  92. Author Photo

    Ok… the the people complaining about Linode for offering an extra, **optional** way to control their servers, as a courtesy to customers…

    insane. Utterly insane.

  93. Author Photo

    Wow, nice idea but there is any chance to see a linode official application for the android platform too?

    keep up the good work.

  94. Author Photo
    Michael Taboada

    I sure like the fact that linode supports the iphone with an app.
    And also to those who are complaining, I mean, come on. Like someone else said, would you rather no platforms were supported at all?
    Seeing as they have made an iphone client, maybe suggest to make a simbion or blackberry or any other client in the forum.

  95. Author Photo

    Yeah, I guess if you love your Blackberry this isn’t exciting news, but judging by the number of people (myself included) who are happy with the iPhone app, it sounds like Linode made a good decision. Every DrupalCamp (Drupal being an open source, hacker friendly CMS) is full of people with MacBooks writing sites to run on Linux servers. And at the Last HOPE conference (hackers on planet earth held in NYC) there was a significant number of Mac users, at least 40%.

    Not everyone wants to custom compile a kernel or patch the software that runs every piece of hardware that they own.

  96. Author Photo

    The Linode manager is one of the most useful thing i have ever installed on my Iphone. I love it and its user friendly.

  97. Author Photo

    Someone has already done an excellent job both of creating and then of diligently supporting and updating an android app. Can Linode hire this guy? http://jansouza.com/linode-android/

  98. Author Photo

    Many thanks to Kelly for pointing out the Android app for Linode above.

    Here is the link to it on the Android Market:


  99. Author Photo

    Is there any change of an offical Android app being released? The 3rd party app has a broken graph page and hasn’t been updated for nearly a year now.


  100. Author Photo

    Is the iOS app ever going to be updated to the iOS 6 and iPhone 5????

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