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Gentoo 2007.0

Gentoo 2007.0 Datenträgerabbild ist da - jetzt über den Distro-Assistenten verfügbar...

Viel Spaß!

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    I just deployed the new 2007.0 image, and I’m getting this on boot:
    [code] * Starting eth0
    * Bringing up eth0
    * dhcp
    * network interface eth0 does not exist
    * Please verify hardware or kernel module (driver)
    [ !! ][/code]
    Have you heard this from anyone else?

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    [quote:5a8a40be3c=”anderiv”]Have you heard this from anyone else?[/quote]
    No, you’re the first. Although I only know of two others that have deployed this without this issue…

    Does it happen on subsequent reboots?


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    [quote:2755f5961c=”caker”]Does it happen on subsequent reboots?[/quote]
    Nope – I just rebooted. Same deal.

    I’ll be in #linode for the next 30 mins or so if you want to discuss there…otherwise we can take it up in the morning. This is my test/dev box, so the downtime isn’t a huge deal.

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    I’m considering switching to Linode – is Gentoo 2008.0 or upcomming 2008.1 going to be available? When? Thanks.

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