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Activación instantánea

Hace años, cuando Linode aún estaba en pañales, todas las nuevas inscripciones se activaban al instante. A todo el mundo le encantaba, y la vida era buena, hasta que nos dimos cuenta de que algunas personas no eran las más honestas y les gustaba utilizar información de tarjetas de crédito robadas y estafar a la gente y hacer cosas desagradables con los recursos. Y así comenzó la era de revisar manualmente todas las inscripciones. Al menos una persona, y probablemente muchas más, ha revisado todas y cada una de las inscripciones de los muchos miles que hemos recibido a lo largo de los años.

Lo hemos convertido en una competición en la oficina de Linode - quién tiene más activaciones, quién tiene el menor retraso medio en la activación (¿quién crees que gana?) - pero sigue siendo un fastidio cuando perdemos una cuenta porque alguien tenía una necesidad urgente de un Linode, o cuando una inscripción legítima ha estado en la cola durante horas esperando la revisión.

Así que hemos encontrado una manera de que los registros legítimos (basados en nuestros criterios especiales de salsa secreta) reciban la activación de su cuenta al instante, mientras que los registros más cuestionables van a nuestra cola de revisión.

Si a esto le sumamos un sistema de inscripción completamente renovado, más sencillo y fácil de usar, tenemos los ingredientes de un equipo feliz en Linode .


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    We all know mikegrb had the best time.

  2. Author Photo

    That’s great to hear.

    Any word about what you might be cooking up as a Christmas gift to use current and potential customers.

    We haven’t seen a RAM increase in quite some time, that would be my vote or going to the new Six-Core Intel servers 🙂

  3. Author Photo

    A typo on the signup form: CVV should be CVC (“Card Security Code”).

  4. Tom Asaro

    @Cliff: CVV (Card Verification Value) I’m not sure which is the most used, but there seems to be several abbreviations for the same thing:

  5. Author Photo

    Big fan of the new form design and large input boxes. Well done.

  6. Author Photo

    @tsaro: Ah — I didn’t know that. FWIW I’ve only seen it referred to as CVC during my too frequent credit card use on the web. Hence the “typo” comment.

  7. Author Photo
  8. Author Photo

    I’m not a linode customer; just saw the signup page, and I have to say I couldn’t find any anti-spam or anti-fraud detection method.

    black magic, eh…

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    @heri: caker sends a team of ninjas to your house at night while you sleep to run a background check

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    Must be working well, as I’m a brand new customer, and didn’t notice that the process wasn’t completely automated. up and live on a linode as of yesterday!

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    I don’t know what system you guys use to deny people service although it must be better than the rest cause other VPS providers have denied me service. I admit that my intent often is perceived to be nefarious. However- real hackers would wouldn’t ever think so. Having said that I respect Linode for not having denied me instant access or using IP address schemes as criteria for instant acceptance (or other absurd things you can easily work around). I’m glad to know Linode isn’t just another service provider. It clearly isn’t just another job/owner/corporation.

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    Good sign-up system, big boxes, clear , easy to sign up in less than one minute. Nice work !

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    Matthew Trachtenberg

    Well I actually am still waiting to login now, received “receipt” 1.5 hours ago, and had to wait .5 hours from sign-up to get that, still cannot login.
    Called number listed on website (609) 593-7103 just now, no answer went to answering machine.
    Got to say this is not building my confidence in you guys, I am trying to move a bunch domains off slowdaddy, and was very excited to signup, spent a lot of time debating between you and slicehost, and now I am seriously having second thoughts.

    I’m in asia so it the begining of my day now.
    I’ll be waiting…

    Matthew Trachtenberg

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    Hi Matthew,

    Just wanted to give you my vote of confidence for Linode. I’ve used SliceHost and Linode, and while they’re both good I much prefer Linode.

    My own activation was indeed instant, but I’m about the most “verifiable” person that ever lived – if you’re in Asia, they may be taking some additional verification steps. I work in web hosting and unfortunately about 95% of our fraud attempts come from Asia, so it’s probably similar for Linode.


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