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Linode wird 7, BIG RAM Erhöhung

Linode hatte seine bescheidenen Anfänge an diesem Tag vor sieben Jahren mit nur einer Handvoll Servern, einer ganzen Menge Zeit, die in Code investiert wurde, und einem Traum, die Vorteile der Virtualisierung in die Massen zu bringen. In den letzten sieben Jahren haben wir gesehen, wie Cloud Computing und Virtualisierung in eine Branche für sich selbst explodiert sind, und Linode war und ist ein Pionier in dieser Branche. Wir hatten es von Anfang an.

Seit den Anfängen von Linode haben wir kontinuierlich hart gearbeitet, um die außergewöhnliche Qualität des Service zu gewährleisten, die wir unseren Kunden schuldig sind. Es war eine Ehre und ein Privileg, und wir sind unglaublich stolz auf das, was Linode geworden ist. Sie können darauf wetten, dass Linode weiterhin innovativ sein wird, Funktionen und Services hinzufügen und als Unternehmen und Service weiter wachsen wird, genau wie wir es immer getan haben.

Um diesem Meilenstein zu gedenken und unsere Wertschätzung für Sie, unsere Kunden, zu zeigen, haben wir den Arbeitsspeicher in allen unseren Plänen um rund +42% erhöht. Das neue Linode Lineup sieht so aus: Linode 512, Linode 768, Linode 1024, Linode 1536, Linode 2048, Linode 4096 (4GB), Linode 8192 (8GB), Linode 12288 (12GB), Linode 16384 (16GB), Linode 20480 (20GB).

Dieses Upgrade ist ab sofort für bestehende und neue Kunden verfügbar. Um die Vorteile Ihres neuen RAM zu nutzen, starten Sie einfach einmalig neu. Das ist es!

Vielen Dank für Ihr Interesse in den letzten sieben Jahren. Wir freuen uns auf die nächsten sieben. Genießen Sie die Ressourcenverbesserung.

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  1. Oscar

    Happy birthday Linode!

  2. asancio

    I love Linode! What a super upgrade!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks guys!

  3. chris

    congrats on 7 years! keep up the good work!

  4. Keisuke

    Wow!! Happy Birthday!!!!!

  5. Endijs Lisovskis

    Happy birthday!

  6. Will Stowe

    Thanks Linode!

  7. Jason Wagner

    YAY!!!! Happy Birthday! Thank you so much 😀

  8. Ben Mills

    Thank you for the great service.

  9. gionn

    Thank you, I will happily ruin my uptime:
    17:49:16 up 111 days, 17:39, 3 users, load average: 0.01, 0.03, 0.00

  10. Greg

    Happy birthday! Thank you!

  11. Darren

    I’ve been a happy customer for a few years now…and you guys keep reminding me why! Keep up the great work.

  12. Joaquín Bernal

    Thanks a lot. Happy birthday, Linode!

  13. Brandon

    Wow! You guys rock!

  14. Jeff

    Happy Birthday!

    Wow, I never expected this much of a ram upgrade!

  15. Till

    Very nice. I was starting to eye other VPS providers, in spite of their poor reputations for support. 360MB for $20/month was starting to feel quite cramped.

    This should keep me happily at Linode for the forseeable future 🙂

  16. Andrew Yates

    Happy Birthday! Thank you for the increase!

  17. Sam

    Best. Thing. Ever.

  18. melz

    Happy Birthday, Linode!! I love you for the upgrade and the service!! 😀

  19. LEMONed

    Happy Birthday, Linode!

  20. andypanix

    Wonderfull!!! Almost incredible!! 😀

    Now Linode is really unbeatable, at least in Italy!

    Happy birthday and thanks for the gift!! 😉

  21. ghedamat

    thank you guys! happy birthday!

  22. Christopher Giroir

    This is awesome guys, thanks. Nothing but good things from Linode for sure 🙂

  23. Andrew Wilkinson

    Awesome stuff, I love a big RAM increase!

  24. mysty

    Congratulations on SEVEN years – it’s been great fun being along for two of them 🙂

    And thanks for the RAM upgrade – so very welcome

  25. futhark


  26. Utoxin

    Thanks, Linode! This is massively surprising, and very welcome! You guys ROCK.

  27. Edgeman

    Thanks for the RAM! Happy Birthday! Many more!

  28. Pink Magic Mike

    Allright Thanks!!

    Rebooting tonight at 2AM 🙂

  29. Logan Koester

    Thank you! This is the best news I’ve heard all day.

  30. tomislav

    Woohoo, very nice upgrade!
    Happy Birthday!!

  31. evplusplus

    Woohoo! Thank you Linode and congrats on 7 years 🙂

  32. internalkernel

    Have I mentioned lately, that I love you?

    I <3 Linode…

  33. fsainz

    congratulations and thanks a lot!

  34. Ahmed Mekkawy

    I like when someone got a birthday and gives presents instead of receiving it.. i’ll never make a party in my birthday this way 😛

    Great work guys, you are my favourite 🙂

  35. Arturo R

    That is just amazing. Thanks guys, keep up the excellent work and enjoy your anniversary.

  36. Carlos Silva

    Thank You Linode!

    Happy Birthday!

  37. Viet

    Happy birthday Linode! Thanks for generous gift! All the best with your endeavors!

  38. Ido Perlmuter

    Amazing. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!

  39. Sam S

    Freaking awesome, my VPS was swapping and now it has room to breathe.

  40. Michael Taboada

    wow, happy birthday linode.
    Also, thanks for the ram increase!
    Linode, you rock!

  41. JJ

    Thank You Linode! Happy Birthday! You are an amazing company.

  42. Mario


    And thanks for the upgrade!

  43. Chris

    Holy F you guys are amazing.

    Simply no reason to host with anyone other than Linode now! Best control panel and DNS manager out there, great support and community, and now this. You guys will be putting competitors out of business soon at this rate *cough* slicehost *cough*

  44. Phil Chen

    Congrats, and thank you for the RAM upgrade!!!

  45. J Davis

    Linode, you make love to use like a beautiful woman.

    Haha, but seriously thanks!

  46. Chris Bryant

    Happy Birthday! and thanks for the RAM 🙂

    The best just keeps getting better…

  47. Tiago S.

    Thank you! I’ve been and will continue to recommend you guys in every opportunity I have.

  48. Shycon Design

    Great stuff, Happy Birthday! Keep up the great work

  49. Nathan Smith

    Much appreciated!

  50. Alex Soulim

    Thank you guys! Happy Birthday!

  51. Alexis Bellido

    Thanks a lot for that extra RAM and congratulations for your seven years. I’m really happy with my Linodes and will get a few more soon for some new projects with Django and ecommerce.


  52. digitocero

    Great news! Happy birthday linode

  53. gecko web design

    wow, i bought space on a linode last week because the prices were good, now i get a free ram upgrade too.

    unbelievable and unexpected. so far this is a class act!!

  54. sergio

    Wow, awesome. Thanks you guys!

  55. Jeff

    I love you guys almost as much as my mother.

    Happy birthday!

  56. flemieux

    Yes! Happy Birthday Linode!

  57. Dave B

    Congratulations. You all rock. Thanks!

  58. Jacob Graf

    Awesome! Thanks and Happy Birthday!

  59. Bill

    This is great, thanks. But now all that extra RAM is just used up. I am left with less free RAM than before. That’s weird.

  60. Mike

    Happy birthday! Thank you!

  61. James

    This is really great. I had recently upgraded in order to get more RAM, and this announcement would allow me to downgrade and save some money. However, I won’t be doing that, since I’m more than happy to pay for this wonderful service.

  62. Paul Burney

    Happy Birthday, Linode! Thanks for the awesome service and this great present, 🙂

  63. Corey Ballou

    Wow… this is simply amazing. Thanks for freebies. I can’t recall the last time I’ve received any form of free upgrade from an online service.

  64. Anarchiel

    Thanks Linode for the great services and this great present!

  65. Markos

    Happy birthday. Excellent service and excellent present :). Thanks 🙂

  66. Jimmy Fan

    Happy bd linode, just realize that my mem has been increased to 512m. love that.

  67. Jon

    nice! Linode is awesome, the only company you keep getting more for your money. I’ll continue to recommend linode to everyone i know! and happy birthday!

  68. Scott

    Wasn’t asked for, but greatly appreciated. Cheers!

  69. Veeti Paananen

    Thanks a lot!

  70. Paul

    AWESOME! Thanks Linode and Happy Birthday!

  71. FastEddy760

    Happy Birthday & Thank you!

    I tell everyone to use you guys. Have several happy friends that are customers of yours now.

    Your commitment to excellence is obvious. Keep up the good work.

  72. Raul Pedro Santos

    Happy Birthday Linode!

    And thanks for the upgrade! You guys rock!! =)

  73. Assoulter

    Happy Birthday, guys! You are amazing! %)

  74. chanux


    And happy birfday!!

  75. Mohamed Mansour

    wo0t Thanks Linode for the awesome present 🙂

  76. mkuras

    F’n A! Nice.

    Thanks guys.

  77. Johan

    Whoa!!!! Thanks a lot Linode!! 😀 My support will not fade anytime soon :>

    Happy Birthday!

  78. Daniel

    Happy birthday and thanks for the incredible upgrade! You prove once again that you have amazing service and support.

  79. Me


    THIS RoX

  80. Fabio Ferrari

    I can’t find a better service anywhere else…
    Happy Birthday, Linode!

  81. JimV

    Thanks so much and congratulations! You guys are the best!

  82. Dimitris Oupas

    Happy Birthday Linode!! 😀

    Thanks for the upgrade :)))))

  83. Dejan Ranisavljevic

    Happy Birthday! You are the best of best!

  84. Nuno Costa

    Happy Birthday!
    Many thanks for this upgrade!

  85. Randy Luecke

    Happy Birthday! You all rock!

  86. Anurag

    I ♥ Linode

  87. Dru

    Happy Birthday Linode! Long may the excellent value and top notch service continue.

  88. VPSer

    Happy birthday to me.Happy birthday to linode!

  89. Jeffrey Gelens

    Great! Thank you very much!

  90. Ronny Ron

    This is totally awesome. I thought my virtualmin manager was going wacky when i saw that my ram increased after an unscheduled reboot. Thanks alot Linode!!

  91. Avinash Meetoo

    Thanks for the RAM upgrade. And have a great time during your 7th birthday party 🙂

  92. Nuno

    Happy birth day to Linode and … thank you 🙂

  93. rsk


    Thank you, Linode!

  94. Sergey

    you guys are the best! congrats!

  95. shriya

    Love the RAM increase and your service! Keep up the great work.

    Happy birthday!

  96. Andrew


  97. Wen

    Happy Birthday Linode!

    Awesome work guys!

  98. Alessandro

    Happy Birthday Linode!! 😀

    Thanks for the upgrade by Italian users 🙂

  99. Mark

    Happy Birthday!

  100. FyberOptic

    Aside from the great service, the next best thing about Linode is that you never know what they’re going to ugprade for everyone next. My server has grown quite a bit over my years of being here.

    Happy birthday, Linode!

  101. Bohdan

    Thank You! Happy Birthday!

  102. Julian

    You guys are awesome!!!
    Happy birthday and thank you for helping building great websites 🙂

  103. Jordan

    Awesome! I was thinking about upgrading my RAM which would not have even given me this much of an increase! Thank you very much!

  104. Jordan

    Happy B-Day!
    Thanks. You are the best in the biz and this makes it even better.

  105. cDR

    Congratulations Linode,

    Thanks for this present! You are the best + some extra.

  106. Alan Gardner

    Thanks guys. An awesome gift from an awesome service.

    Happy Birthday!

  107. Glampers

    Happy birthday Linode! You rock. 🙂

  108. Chaitanya

    Happy birthday Linode!! you rock!

  109. Victor Kane

    You guys are really decent folks, I feel so… comfortable having been here the last couple of year, so here’s to the future!

  110. Jeff De Cola

    I just bought a Linode, but I have to say this service is great so far. Thanks for the upgrade. =)

    Happy bday, Linode. 🙂


  111. Ryan Hamilton

    A very happy birthday to you Linode! You all rock!

  112. Cornel

    Awesome! Thank! You and Happy Birthday Linode!

  113. Atomboy


    Very many thanks for this and Happy Birthday!

  114. Me

    I’m drunk! Please explain in laymans terms, why double ram is good for us? (My php.ini settings are at 64mb per script)

  115. Jordan


  116. Vincent Chung

    Vive le Linode~!!

    Congrats!!! May Linode and Lindoers continue to prosper for ever and ever!!!

  117. Greg

    Thanks for the great news and happy birthday!

    Should I manually resize my Swap Image (I’m running Ubuntu 8.10) to match the new amount of RAM? It’s still a 256 Mb image


  118. FireSlash

    I love you guys. Pretty sure I had 96mb of ram when I signed up. Was thinking about upgrading to a 540 due to bandwidth, now the upgrade is going to be that much sweeter

  119. Justin

    You guys rock! I was busy optimizing Apache to reduce RAM when I saw my available ram go way up to my delight.

    Keep it up!

  120. AgentOfPork

    WOOT! This is amazing! I’ve been with Linode for almost a year, and never regretted it for a second. Happy birthday to Linode, and happy un-birthday to me! The extra RAM ROCKS! Thank you Linode!

  121. alex


    Keep on the good track linode!


  122. Obs

    Happy Birthday! And many more to come! Love the upgrade, you’re service blows the competition away.

  123. Jorge

    Congrats and thanks!

  124. Jeff Schroeder

    Thankyou for giving this to your loyal and happy customers. Where possible, I will continue to suggest people use your services.

  125. Brock Tice

    More of the awesomeness I’ve come to expect from Linode.com. Having been a customer on and off since the UML days (due to changing needs), I’m glad to see how far Linode has come, and happy to have been a part of it in some way.

    Keep up the excellent work, guys! Congrats on a great 7 years.

  126. Raphael de Bem


    I love Linode!

    Happy Birthday!

  127. J. Pablo Fernández

    Happy birthday and thank you!

  128. Zolomon

    I <3 YOU!

  129. smcnally

    Happy Birthday, All –

    Very cool present for us, indeed –

    Enjoy and continued prosperity –


  130. Alejandro

    Thank you very much! It was a very nice surprise! Happy Birthday!

  131. ang

    The best keeps getting better! Thanks, Linode!

  132. Gizmos for Geeks

    Guys – Fantastic!

    It’s always great to see companies that understand the importance of making their customers happy, and especially by passing on benefits without having to be asked.

    Keep it up!

    – The Geeks @ Gizmos for Geeks

  133. Derrick


  134. Xupeng


  135. Xupeng

    Fantastic! Happy Birthday!

  136. gregf

    Very nice, thank you!

  137. feuvan

    good job
    and nice upgrade.

  138. mookie

    wow! happy birthday linode!

  139. pdwalker

    Fantastic! Thanks!

  140. Davide

    I hope that your company will grow up as much as you worth.
    Thanks guys, your are the #1.

  141. arse.bandit

    u’r awesome!!
    thanks fr your job, great job ))

  142. Buddy

    What a wonderful way to make me like this company! Great PR move! Keep up the great work.

    p.s. You are over 300% faster than the competitors that I compared you to.

  143. Josh

    Thanks Linode – you guys are awesome!

  144. 久酷

    I love Linode!

  145. André Perazzi

    PS. Happy Birthday!

  146. Gregory

    Man, your competition is going to HATE this news. Thanks for doing things right, and happy birthday.

  147. darkhucx

    Happy birthday Linode!

  148. pablo

    Linode rocks!!!

    Happy Birthday and Thank you! 🙂

  149. John

    Happy b-day! 😀

    And man, do I *love* you guys! AWESOME UPGRADE!

  150. S90

    Happy Birthday!

  151. DM

    Linode rocks! Happy Birthday!

  152. BB

    Much love! Happy birthday from AU!

  153. Alex

    Happy birthday, and thanks for the present. 🙂

    On to many other years of flawless service!

  154. JongMan

    Guys, you rock! Happy birthday!

  155. Steven Benner

    Awesome! Thanks Linode! Your service just keeps getting better and better.

    Happy birthday!

  156. TML

    Happy Birthday!! Linode ….Good to hear about the BIG RAM increase…

  157. Ravindra

    Thanks LINODE, for this wonderful service and Happy B’day!

  158. Guest

    Slicehosters are crying…

  159. Alexandre Fournier

    Thanks for that upgrade! I’m not a long time customer, but I’m very happy of this service! Happy 7th birthday!

    I have a question: how can you host 40 Linode 512 on a server? Does it have more than 20 GB of RAM? I’m just wondering…

  160. memo

    I thought it was a bug!
    But congrats linode!

  161. tatsuro baba

    happy birthday linode!!! and thanks!!!

  162. Mike Hanson

    Thank you and happy birthday!

  163. Sina

    No doubt that you’re one of the worlds’ best VPS service providers 🙂
    I’m happy that i’ve decided to use your service
    Keep up the good work

  164. Richard B

    I love you, man. (sniff)

  165. Maurice

    We’re already so happy with your service. Thanks for the icing!

  166. Fahd Aziz

    Always thought it’s a good idea to move to Linode.
    Happy Anniversary to Linode.

  167. David Doran


    Incredible upgrade — thought I’d read it wrong.
    Even more sure I’ve jumped onto the right bandwagon now!

  168. Alrik

    Congratz and thanx!

  169. Vuvuzela_fan

    I was a very happy with Linode user before the change. Now I am over the moon. Thanks

  170. Alex

    Excellent. Thank you guys! Happy birthday!

    I have been with Linode for more than 5 years and you just keep me very happy with your platform and support.

  171. Marko Zabcic

    Happy Birthday!

  172. Davide

    This is freakin’ sweet! :))
    Congrats Linode! 😀

  173. Eriks Remess

    Happy birthday, Linode! Thanks for an upgrade! 🙂

  174. linode

    Now Linode is the best vps.

  175. happy user

    Happy birthday! Hope the years to come are as good as the past 7 years.

    i can only say W-O-W!!!! about the free mem upgrade 🙂

    Linode defines how VPS should be done!

  176. Raymond Li

    You guys rock! Happy birthday, Linode!

  177. Stellan Kinberg


    We are a non profit org with limited resources but have quite a well ranked site. This extra ram was really needed. Thank you!

    And you linode-staff, keep working with the same good spirit! We appreaciate your services!

    Happy Birthday!

  178. Schmalls

    My uptime:

    08:34:40 up 227 days, 14:34, 1 user, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00

  179. Michael

    Thanks for the free upgrade!

  180. Reade

    So refreshing to see a company that is genuinely interested in improving their customers’ experiences. I’m sure I don’t just speak for myself when I say that is why you have a very happy customer-for-life!

  181. vinicius

    Happy birthday Linode!

    I’m happy to see Linode increase memory for free. I remember some months ago you increased disk for all plans! That’s what it is to be customer oriented.

    Thanks for the great service!

    (yesterday when I saw that there would have a “big” announcement my fear was that it was “linode was acquired” …but fortunately it’s not)

  182. Seth


    Thanks for scrolling all the way down. Congratulations.

    Now my ISP is doubling my download rate for free… They must know I’m dieing (but I didn’t yet 🙂 LOL

  183. Lucas Bergman

    I became a Linode customer in late 2003, when they were less than 6 months old. The thing is, *I had no idea*. They had their shit together so well that it never even occurred to me how small or young they might be.

    I picked Linode from other VPS providers on a web search, because they had a Debian option, and I thought that signaled competence. (At the time, Linode was literally the only VPS provider I could find that offered something other than an ancient version of Red Hat.) When I signed up, their web provisioning system was virtuously simple and worked well. I have used them and recommend them unqualified to others in the 6.5 years since.

    Never mind the time I had a little trouble logging in. After a few tries, I gave up and started eating dinner. That’s when the phone rang, and a nice guy named Chris with a southern (U.S.) accent told me that I was using the wrong user name.

    As I write this, a small business I own is crippled because of the fools and charlatans who created QuickBooks Online. By contrast, Linode is a model of reliability and customer service; you kick ass and stay out of the way, and I couldn’t be happier.

  184. Fabio

    WOWOWOW! Linode is the best vps provider of the world!!! 🙂

  185. decreasedsales

    You guys rule!

  186. Philip

    What’s RAM? 😉 kidding – thanks Linode, it’s a great surprise in my first month with you!

  187. roger

    Now could we get something at a smaller price point than $20 please? Please?

  188. sinmao

    Whoah! What a nice surprise! Thank you.

  189. Asim Zeeshan

    Happy Belated Birthday Linode 🙂

  190. Bryan Miltner

    Congratulations and Happy Birthday to an amazing company! 7 years is just the beginning!!

  191. devjonfos

    Thank you Linode, that was a delicious piece of birthday cake!

  192. Simon

    Happy birthday Linode!

  193. tak

    congratulations thanks a lot.
    Our dreams, that we thought difficult to be done, now become true.
    happy birthday.

  194. tak

    thanks a lot.
    Our dreams become true at last.
    happy birthday. you are great

  195. László Monda

    Now I’m running on 505380 kB, nothing can stop me! 🙂

    Thanks guys and Happy Birthday!

  196. Kirk Saywell

    Awesome, Nice work guys!

    Happy 7th from me!

  197. harc


  198. Mercury

    I was waiting for a sign to signup – this is a very good sign.

  199. Willie

    Awesome guys!

    Long time happy customer advocate since 2005 here!

    Your now even more awesomer than you were before.

  200. Ryan

    Thanks a lot guys & Happy Birthday!

    For the people asking for a smaller price point — are you crazy? $20 is mad cheap. I’m starting to think some of you just complain for the sake of it.

  201. Tommy

    Wow thanks for the upgrade Linode!

    Live long and prosper!

  202. iDude

    You guys are the best! I plan on moving the rest of my sites from SH over to my newly upgraded 768mb machine. Got 5 other 512’s for clients who are going to be very happy with the news.

    Thanks for the service and keep up the great work!

  203. Dasharatham Bitla

    Thank you … Thank you .. Thank you Linode!!!


    Ruby on Rails is Memory Hungry … this saves a tone for all serious rails application hosting needs.

    Though we had some terrible downtime issues in Dallas DC and thoughts on moving to somewhere else … I would still LOVE Linode and continue further with Linode.

    FREE RAM upgrade is awsome.

    Thank you once again.

  204. shamberong

    Thanks Linode…. I’ve been using linode about 2 years.. and now with the super upgrade… make me will stay with linode…… woohaaaaa

    Happy Birthday linode…

  205. Jordan Thoms

    Happy 7th and thanks for the massive boost, this is truly incredible.

    Hopefully this isn’t the sweetener for the rackspace acquisition being announced tomorrow? 😛

  206. NK

    I’ve changed my plan and was very surprised that I’ve got additional 250 MB of RAM!!!
    Linode – RULEZ!

  207. Rob Rix

    Congratulations on your continued success, and thanks for the RAM boost ^_^

  208. corford

    We moved our entire infrastructure over to you last month and have been exceptionally pleased with the quality of the Lindoe setup. To then have an unexpected windfall in the form of 40% extra ram a month later has simply blown us away. It really doesn’t get much better than this.

    Thanks, well done and happy birthday!

  209. Andrew

    Thanks Guys! Yet another reason Linode is the best VPS service out there, hands down!

  210. Brian


  211. Jordan

    You guys are the best. We’ve been extremely happy Linode customers for more than a year, starting w/ 512MB, happily paying to increase to 1024MB a few months ago as our traffic continued its ascent, and now to 1536MB for free!

    That — together with a perfect uptime record — equals great customer service.


  212. Michael Starks

    I want to have your babies.

    Wait, I’m a man. Plus, that would be weird.

    Thanks for the RAM!

  213. Kenn Ejima

    You guys are soooooo awesome, happy birthday! 😀

  214. Proxy

    Happy Birthday! I love you!

  215. Frank

    Belated happy birthday and thank you so much for the additional RAM.

  216. tom

    Thank you so much. and HAPPY BRITHDAY!

  217. Martin K

    Happy Birthday! I am very happy for you guys and very much appreciate the RAM boost! Keep up the good work. Thank you! =)

  218. Harsh Agrawal

    Happy Birthday linode and thanks for such lovely gift 🙂

  219. Rahul Bansal

    Wish dear linode a belated happy birthday!
    Thanks for the treat!!! (extra RAM) 😉

  220. John Wells


    Thank you thank you thank you thank you

    — a satisfied customer!

  221. Nick

    Happy Birthday Linode, may you have many more to follow.
    Keep up the good work, I look forward to doing MUCH more business with you over the next year or 2 😉

  222. Branko Majic

    Happy birthday (with a slight delay), and good work providing such a great service!

  223. ET

    Happy Birthday to Linode!
    I know you are the best!

  224. Roger Enkel

    Stunned, what a fantastic bit of news and a great way to celebrate your continuing success Linode.

    Happy Birthday!

  225. Giannis

    and many thanks for the nice gift

  226. Adam Findlay

    Oh I love you guys. Been using your service for nearly 2 years now and never had a single problem.

    I just went to reformat a server there, and saw “Plan: Linode 512”. Was thinking “the hell is going on there?”

    Love you all, Cheers,

  227. shangpan

    Thanks Linode

  228. martin

    Happy Birthday guys and thanks for the upgrade!

  229. colin densem

    Another step, fantastic upgrade for the money.

    Well done and here’s to 8!

  230. Henry H

    This is so sweet. Thank you!

  231. Stefan Huska

    Happy birthday and thanks for increase! You are the best!

  232. Ace

    This is truly excellent.

    Now I can go and boast to all my friends paying $40 a month for a 512MB “slice”.

  233. Ace

    Wow, I see it also means there are now 20GB slices available!!!

  234. agus

    happy birthday Linode… Thank you! 🙂

  235. Ashok Kumar

    I am a newbie to Linux and server management who was just looking into starting her own forum, and was evaluating various VPS/”Cloud” solutions. I had already decided on Linode thanks to the excellent library (very helpful!) and the support forum.

    My only concern was the amount of RAM, which while competetive with other providers still seemed a bit low. As I am a ‘no budget’ individual, for me the lowest plan is the only option.

    Imagine my pleasant surprise when I come to Linode homepage today, and discover than my ~$ 20 now gets me a full 512 MB RAM. 🙂

    From this poor student in India, please accept heartful thanks. I will surely buy a Linode 512 in coming days. And I will speak highly of your company to everyone else here in the hope you guys get as much new business as you can. You truly deserve it, you have made me happy even before I have become a customer!

    Once again, accept my sincere appreciation, and continue to delight us like this.

    Riya Sen

  236. Emre Sevinç

    Great news! Thanks! 🙂

  237. Keith Hinton

    Hi everyone! I was once a customer of Linode.com. I am pleased to hear about the RAM upgrades-though I have been wishing to see on my personal wishlist some diskspace/bandwidth upgrades along the way. :). Come on Linode! When was the last time you intraduced your customers to a diskspace/bandwidth upgrade cycle, Caker? Or is that not in the plans? The primary reason I stopped in November of 2009 with Linode was due to money. I also felt very bad leaving an account opened with no Linode attached! I may (Money being the key issue) at some point happily sign back up with you folks. I joined in may of 2009, to November of 2009 and would love to come back! I’m a blind computer user, and have found every single feature accessible out of the box, other than the graphs with CPU and other such resources! Please take care, Linode! You folks are simply amazing. Now all that needs to occur down the road for 2010 is some diskspace upgrades without raising the pricepoint! If you raised the prices much higher, I’d never be able to aford a Linode seeing as I don’t work currently and only make what Social Security decides to dish out primarily. The $19.95 feels very nice though! I had that 16 GB of disk space going for email, web, etc. But I did have a lot of emails yelling at me about disk I/O. Has Linode.com gone over to raid10 entirely on all machines yet? I look forward to someday signing back up, and would hope that I am accepted back with you folks! You might remember me as Keith-BlindUser on the linode.com forums, and my profile is in serious need of being updated. I also show up occasionally as Keith on Irc.OFTC.net. Channel #Linode.

  238. Roadmaster

    Congratulations. I’ve been a happy Linode customer since 2005 (almost 5 years) and I have nothing but praise for you guys. Keep it up!

  239. Joe

    Wow this is amazing! Happy bday to Linode! This is why I will stick with you guys for a long time.

  240. Miquel Guillamet

    Linode is so far the best VPS these days. I never had any problem. After 200 days of uptime I guess is time to reboot. Happy B’Day Linode team!!

  241. Serkan

    That is awesome guys, keep up the good work!

  242. Andres Riofrio

    Great incentive for both old users or near-future users (me).

  243. Qasim Ayyaz Khan

    Happy to you linode and +1 happy customer :)… Keep up the good work….

  244. Ubercart Themes

    This is exactly why I choose linode over slice host.

    Keep it up and I’ll keep putting my customers and my own sites with you guys.

    All I want now, is the ability to attach cheap and large networked storage to my account. Currently this is my only issue with linode.

    Cmon guys it’s cheap to provide! Give us with some good decent network storage located on our internal network for mount over NFS! I don’t care if it’s slow! I just need space! 6G is not enough and really expensive.

  245. Ubercart Development

    I just rebooted my server and checked the memory.

    I have access to 2 accounts with linode. They were both 540 accounts.

    I noticed my personal server memory was showing 525 megs, while one of my clients is properly showing 540.

    Upon reboot of my node, I noticed it came back online with 751, instead of 768.

    Seems like one of my nodes is getting ripped off. What’s the deal? Perhaps it’s a Ubuntu 9.04 vs. 10.04 issue…but I doubt it. My guess would be someone on the “525 meg” node purchase extra memory and it’s been taken out of all the other nodes on the server =(

    linode22060 vs. linode49973

    I’m happy with the upgrade, but curious about the discrepancy.

  246. Jeremiah

    Happy Birthday – and keep on rockin’!

  247. Oliver Clements

    Stunning as always. <3

  248. Josh

    birthday cake for everyone!

  249. jack

    thank you thank you

  250. Mike Causer

    Happy birthday and thanks 🙂

  251. hiei

    Thanks linode

  252. mpkossen

    Thanks Linode! You’re great towards your customers, as always!

  253. Ross

    Great news. Things have sure come a long way.



  254. Zero3

    ⬆ ♥ Linode

  255. Pedro Barbosa

    Happy b-day Linode! Thanks dudes!

    Happy customer from Brazil.

  256. Simon Roberts

    Thanks Linode! Thanks for my 238 day uptime too 🙂

  257. Robert Pendell

    Thank you very much and Happy Birthday to you too. I have not gotten anything really setup but it has been a useful test bed right now. 😉 I hope to make it a permanent server in the future once I figure out and master all these dang config files.

  258. Jim

    Just found this, you guys rock 🙂

  259. Eric Acevedo

    Happy Birthday, thanks for the upgrade!

  260. Vunky

    Happy birthday Linode!

    Thanks for the memory upgrade

  261. Azathoth of HM

    Happy B-Day Linode! Thanks for providing the very best VPS service on the planet!

  262. Robert

    Wow I’ve been with Linode nearly 7 years (member since October 03) time flies!

    Just goes to show that its not worth considering other hosts. Linode while always pretty solid has just got better with time.

  263. Feross

    Thanks for the upgrade! Super impressed with your service. I’m a Linode fan!

  264. reves

    Happy birthday from Australia you champions! Amazing.. flawless.. faultless service. I have not a bad word to say about you. Thank you for being you, Linode!

  265. Alex

    Linode is the best. I’ve recently realized that there was no way the competition could match what Linode offerd and converted to a yearly payment. This customer is in for a long haul and happy to pay such an excellent company with unmatched services and wonderful birthday presents. All the best to Linode and may you keep growing and making good profit, so we could enjoy your services for a very long time.

  266. Vlad

    Happy birth day to Linode and … thank you

  267. Weboide

    That is awesome! Thanks for the upgrade!

  268. Pietro

    I liked your servers from the beginning… the best choice I could do.
    Now, the only thing to do is to upgrade and take more and more power… 🙂

  269. Max Justus

    THANKS!!!!1 You’re the best!

  270. icebox

    Thanks a bunch and happy birthday.

  271. MattD

    Congrats on 7 years and thanks for the upgrade!

    I keep looking at upgrading to physical or c/hr cloud services, but I can’t get away from the Linode simplicity/reliability/pricepoint. Well done!

  272. Frederic

    Awesome! Just signed up for an account 🙂

  273. Rex

    Wow! Congrats on the birthday, and thanks! I am a very happy new customer!

  274. Mohammed hisamuddin

    Thank you. lindoe rocks. \m/

  275. the_guv

    darn .. just saw this .. and rebooted!

    that’s the second ram upgrade in a year 🙂

    big cheers Linode, thank you and Happy Birthday.

  276. ShadyR

    Congratulations from Australia. I’ve only been a member for less than a month and I’m glad I made the right choice.

  277. Kishore

    Congrats and Thanks 🙂

  278. Pedro

    At Linode birthday, the customer gets a gift!

    Happy birthday linode!

    And thanks for the extra RAM gift 🙂

  279. Keith

    Congratulations on the RAM upgrade, and keep the diskspace coming as well!

  280. Yesudeep

    Thanks for the lovely upgrade. Congratulations on completing 7 years! 5 globes for you guys.

  281. Matt J

    There’s customer support and there’s customer support! Once again an excellent move Linode, thanks for the RAM!

  282. divbox

    Happy Birthday and Thank You!!!

    Keep up the great work!!

  283. Ken

    Thank you Linode!
    A happy & satisfied customer.

  284. Daniel

    Guys, fantastic! got the account for a couple of years – not even one single issue!

  285. Antonio Ognio

    Hey! This is such a great news!!! So I’m staying.. you’ve just stopped me from moving my stuff to another provider offerring 512 MB for US$ 16/mo.

    I’m more than happy to stay for US$ 20 considering you have good support and a killer web interface for administering the VPS and the DNS records.

    Happy Birthday Linode! I’ll continue to recommend you to a ton of people here in Peru.

  286. Neil Skea

    Thanks so much guys – you are awesome.

    Congrats of 7 years of success. I think you are the best VPS provider out there by far.

    You will definitely keep getting my business…

  287. Andrea Fino

    Linode? Simply super. Have a good one guys.

  288. Daniel Norton

    Cool! Now that I know it wasn’t an accident, I can talk about it.


  289. Andrew

    Well this clinches it, we’re dumping our 8gig slice at Slicehost and moving into a 12 gig Linode!

    Happy Birthday!

  290. Sid

    Happy belated birthday!

    Thanks for the RAM 😀

  291. KKovacs

    Thanks guys, and happy birthday! 🙂

    – A new customer (because of the extra RAM)

  292. Kishore

    Congrats and thanks for more memory

  293. Dave

    Fantastic! Appreciate the upgrade guys.

  294. costumefly

    Pleasently surprised with the RAM increase. Keep up the great work.

  295. gpowers

    I was thinking about dropping my subscription to linode (just don’t use it that much…), and was in the process of logging in to dispose of my VPS instance when I happen to see that they increased the specs for no extra cost. I’m keeping it at least another month just to reward them for being such a great company.

    As an aside note – I had contacted slicehost and asked them why I should choose them over linode (same price for seemingly less product… I wanted to at least give the competition the chance to explain to me why the discrepancy exists), and received a nonchalant “we don’t really care what our competition is doing” as a response to my inquiry. This really turned me off to them as a VPS service as a whole..

    Linode, however, has shown excellent customer service, and the product has been solid over the past two years. Highly recommended!

  296. Devin Lane

    Absolutely stellar guys. I went to your front page and saw the new 512 base plan and was wondering how I could get on it — then I went to my VPS and saw I already had it! Now that’s customer focused 🙂

  297. Filippo

    I need to thank you! I noticed a performance boost and I wondered why 😉 You’re great!

  298. Josh

    Wow, could you guys be any cooler??? (Answer: No!)

  299. Ceyhun Alyesil

    I have to say, i love this company. I hope we can see more 7 years together.

  300. Ella

    Sad innit. 7th Birthday, and the only thing anyone does is talk about a memory boost. 7 Years of dredging hard work, long hours and commitment from Linode staff and clients to bring about, in my experience, one of the easiest experiences I’ve ever had in the last 3 years and it passes with the ordinary pomp and ceremony of ‘just another day that everything is OK’

    On a side note, I have 103KB of memory free and only using 64KB of my 256KB swap. Rebooting to up the memory seems, like last years 33% disk space increase, a lot of effort 🙂

    See when things work, they just WORK and keep working.

    Happy Birthday Linode, I can’t wait till 77 🙂

  301. Tim

    Just wanted to say thanks for the great service!

  302. Sidharth

    Thanks for the RAM upgrade. I love linode. So much better than slicehost!

  303. Adam Horner

    Awesome. I just rebooted after 150 days uptime – the only reason I rebooted was because I wanted the latest kernel and to my surprise I am now swimming in RAM!

    Absolutely awesome service – I’ve had several upgrades on the way and am a happy customer. Long may it continue.

    Congratulations and Happy (belated) Birthday Linode.

  304. cbmeeks

    This is total CRAP! What kind of company gives users MORE of what they need at the SAME PRICE!

    I work for IBM. I demand our RAM be reduced back down to 64MB and you should raise your rates to $200 per month!

    I will not stand for this BS.

  305. […] had been smooth sailing since May (as expected), and Linode even gave a free RAM upgrade back in June (a bit unexpected). $19.95/month for a Xen VPS running Ubuntu 10.04 with 512MB of memory, 16GB of […]

  306. Landry Butler

    Congrats on 7 years! Thanks for the upgrade.

  307. Duncan

    Wow, what a nice surprise! Just rebooted.

    Happy (belated) birthday!

    I love your service – Best VPS I’ve ever used.

  308. Chris

    I left Linode earlier this year because of lack of need, but will be coming back, especially now. I miss my Linode.

  309. Anurag

    I’m eagerly waiting for Linode’s 8th b’day! And the surprise goodies!! 🙂

  310. Thiết kế và may áo lớp

    Great article I think. Thanks for sharing with us !

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    I Really do think you guys are making the world a better place.
    Keep the good work guys

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