Linode トロントデータセンターが利用可能に


カナダのトロントに最新のデータセンターが開設されたことを喜びと共にお知らせします。 Linode トロントは、当社の10番目のグローバルデータセンターであり、カナダのお客様がカナダでクラウドワークロードをディプロイできるようにします。 

カナダの開発者コミュニティのおよそ3分の1がトロントを地元にしており、最新のデータセンターは当社に頼っている何万人ものカナダのお客様に自然にフィットしています。トロントでは Linode 標準の他のデータセンターと同様の機能とサービスがLinode 価格で提供され、さらに最新のサーバービルドを使用して構築され、グローバルバックボーンに接続されています

Linode トロントはまた、カナダの個人情報保護電子文書法(PIPEDA)およびスパム対策法(以下CASL)の国内データコンプライアンス要件を満たしています。詳細については、コンプライアンス利用規約、およびプライバシーに関するドキュメントを参照してください。


他のデータセンターに Linode を持つお客様でトロントへの移行を希望する方は、新しい施設にクローンを作成できます。DNS レコードを変更する前に新しい IP アドレスでサービスをステージングできるため、複製する方法はお勧めです。サポート チケットを開いて移行を構成することもできます。新しい Linode インスタンスの場合はクラウドインスタンスの作成時に場所として"トロント"を選択するだけです。

また最近 CI/CD、ビデオ エンコード、機械学習、ゲーム サーバー、ビジー状態のアプリケーション サーバーなど、CPU を集中的に使用するワークロードに対する専用 CPU プランを発表しました。今後、インドおよびシドニーのデータセンター、オブジェクトストレージ、Linode Kubernetes、ワンクリックアプリそなどに関するその他の発表にもご注目ください。

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    First off: Congratulations to you on finally stepping foot on Canadian soils!

    Question for the staff: Following this announcement, will Linode start to charge Canadian sales tax to Canadians?

    • Ben Bigger

      Thanks, and great question. Right now we don’t have plans to charge Canadian GST. If that changes, we’ll be sure to announce it.

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    Is there any difference in AUP between USA based Linodes and those in Canada?

    • Author Photo

      Hi William: There’s no difference since our AUP is the same across all Linodes, regardless of location.

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    Sydney FTW

    Can’t wait!

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    Are there any plans for other Canadian locations? Toronto isn’t especially well connected from western Canada, although slightly better than what I’ve got right now. I’m debating whether it makes sense to move anything or wait longer?

    • Author Photo

      Hey Dave, thanks for your suggestion. There is nothing planned at the moment, though we’ve added your request for another location to our internal tracker.

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    Thanks Linode 🙂 Many of our Canadian clients require their hosting to be physically located in Canada. We will definitely try moving servers to Linode in Toronto.

    I suggest a second data center in Canada, but in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Toronto is great 🙂 But for people located on or around the west coast of Canada, there is to much latency (too slow) with data centers located in Toronto 🙁 Because it is 2,500+ miles/4,000+ km away.

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    The pleasure is ours! I’ve added your suggestion for a data center in Vancouver to our internal idea tracker. If you need a hand with moving any of your current Linodes to Toronto, open up a ticket and we’ll be happy to help.

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    Congratulations for the new opening. It would be nice if one day you make a virtual visit through your data centers. it would be very interesting

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    Emmanuel Botnation

    Great! I hope the next one will be in France, Linode has a big community in Paris. We hope that the stickers and t-shirts will, one day, come to us 😉

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    great, welcome to canada

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    hope to have the Linode Cloud of hk,I leave linode long time when the JP1 can’t get it

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    My website physically located at Linode server in California , and users have access to the website through Cloudflare. If I move website to Toronto, will it improve/impair latency for users in Vancouver and Toronto areas?

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    Just moved from NJ to Toronto. Cloning worked flawlessly. You guys rock!

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    O Canada! Glad to see Linode coming closer to home. Another +1 for a Vancouver data centre, but one thing at a time.

    Checking relative speed from here in Vancouver using Linode’s speedtest servers/files

    Shaw 600Mb/s Cable Home connection
    Fremont: Ping 33.7ms, 56MB/s
    Toronto: Ping 60.4ms, 34MB/s

    Telus 1000Mb/s Fibre Work connection:
    Fremont: Ping 27.9ms, 69MB/s
    Toronto: Ping 66.3ms, 25MB/s

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    Sydney! 🙂 And I thought that would never happen. Though I suppose it hasn’t, yet…

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    Can’t wait!!

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    Definitely moving to Toronto.

    Echo the comments above. Toronto is great, Vancouver is better.

    Join Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and others in Vancouver!

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    Does Linode consider data in the new Toronto data center to be subject to the US Patriot Act?

    Besides having their data hosted in Canada, that’s what my Canadian customers care most about.

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    Good question @Scott Stockton…

    Linode staff, what are the chances that Toronto location gets AMD CPUs anytime soon? Also, there are some posts on your forum about Linode being a US company – and therefore US laws applying to its non-US servers. What is Linode’s stance on this?

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    Linode, you should add this to the rest of your webpages… Pretty obvious. I had to google “Linode Toronto” to see it actually existed. Also your speedtest page.