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Linode at YAPC|10


Linode helped to sponsor YAPC|10 this year, and a few of us attended the conference in Pittsburgh, PA.  It was really great to meet many of the influential and contributing members of the Perl community.  Surprisingly, a fair number of Linode customers also attended, so that was great to put faces to the names.

We got to hang out with the likes of Larry Wall, met some of our very own IRC channel personalities like Yaakov, and even had a VIP tour of Heinz/Steeler’s Stadium.  We really enjoyed our time in Pittsburgh, too – it’s a great city.

We came equipped with some promotional items (t-shirts) which went like hotcakes.  Everyone seemed to really appreciate our presence there, and we liked being able to give out some free swag.  It was good times all around.

A big shout out to The Perl Foundation, the speakers, and the four organizers of YAPC: Rob Blackwell, Casey West, Tom Moertel, and Dan Wright.  You guys did a great job – thanks for all your hard work.

We’ll definitely be sponsoring and attending next year’s YAPC, rumored to be in Columbus, OH.  Mark your calendars.

Comments (7)

  1. Armbruster

    Who’s the one with the phanny pack?

  2. Armbruster

    Oh, Larry Wall.

  3. Xan

    Dude! Y’all got to meet Larry Wall!

  4. Dan Wright

    Thanks so much for sponsoring. It’s because of businesses like linode that YAPC|10 was such a success. Definitely attend YAPC next year. Also consider checking out the Pittsburgh Perl Workshop, 2010:

  5. Tim

    Yes, thanks so much! That was my first YAPC and I had a great time! See you in Columbus!

  6. Gil

    Hey guys, sust a thought, but can you implement a “subscribe via email” function to your blog. Would love to get updates on your services without sifting through my rss feeds.

    ~Happy customer

  7. MrPilot

    Linode should have a little swag store or something. I’d love to have one of those aforementioned t-shirts. 🙂

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