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Create Your Own 24/7 YouTube Live Stream With Ant Media on Linode

In this video, @TechHut will show you how to make a 24/7 live stream music channel on YouTube or Twitch using Linode.
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Deploy Django to Linode Using a Managed MySQL Database

Our latest learning series with @CodingEntrepreneurs Justin Mitchel shows you how to deploy a Django app to Linode Using a Managed MySQL Database.
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How to Easily Set Up a Powerful Rust Game Server on Linode

In this video, we'll show you how to host your own Rust game server on Linode to choose your world, set a cap for how many players are allowed, and other customizations for a better gaming experience.
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How to Install and host Joplin | Open Source Multimedia Note-Taking App

Joplin is an open source application designed to take notes using the Markdown format.
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Linode Terraform Provider | Easy Replicable Provisioning with Infrastructure as Code

Terraform is an IaC tool that focuses on creating, modifying, and destroying servers, instead of managing the software on those servers.
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How to Install Nextcloud on an Ubuntu Server | Install Nextcloud from Scratch on Linode

In this tutorial, Jay LaCroix shows you how to install Nextcloud on an Ubuntu server from scratch.
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Deploying a Django App to Linode | Jose Portilla Full Course Available

In this video, instructor Jose Portilla shows how to deploy a Django application to a Linode server.
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Try IAC Ebook

Try Infrastucture as Code

Justin Mitchel provides a step-by-step IaC guide for Terraform, Ansible, Puppet, Chef, and Salt.
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Homer Server Dashboard | Visualize Your Containers and Services Simply and Easily

In this video, we'll install Homer on a server. Homer is a simple personal dashboard you can set up to easily manage your services.
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Installing TensorFlow on an Ubuntu Server

In this video, Sam Hawley will show you how to install TensorFlow on Ubuntu Server.
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Deploying a Simple Python Web Server

In this video, we'll talk about creating a Flask application and hosting it on our Linux machine.
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Create Your Own Video Streaming Site by Creating a Custom React.js App

Building a video streaming application might seem daunting at first, but this video will breakdown how this can be achieved.
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