How much traffic can my 1GB Linode handle (details of app included)

Hey, I have been playing around with Linode and a LAMP setup now for the past few weeks. I am considering moving my iOS backend from to a Linode setup. I would like to know how a 1GB setup will perform.

My app will execute a single PHP script, and most the functions performed will be simple MySQL queries. Either INSERT or SELECT. If for example an average user executes the script on my Linode 10 times a day how much traffic could the 1GB Linode handle? I've noticed in the recommended setup the apache2.conf is like so:

KeepAlive Off

 <ifmodule mpm_prefork_module="">StartServers 2
MinSpareServers 6
MaxSpareServers 12
MaxClients 30
MaxRequestsPerChild 3000</ifmodule> 

I'm extremely new to server management, but with MaxClients set to 30 does that mean only 30 people can execute a query at the same time? Any pointers on all this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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MaxClients 30 means that your server will process up to 30 requests simultaneously. If 40 people are trying to access your server, 10 of them will have to wait a fraction of a second. In most cases, nobody will even notice because the wait will be very brief.

How much traffic your server can handle is directly proportional to how efficient your MySQL queries are. Depending on exactly what those queries are, how much data is involved, and how well you optimize the database, the answer can be anywhere between 10,000 and 10,000,000 requests per day.


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