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Avatar veriserv 4 months, 1 week ago

Linode Manager offers a Rescue tab, which is set to boot the Finnix kernel along with its associated Finnix ISO recovery volume (/var/sdh) mounted as the root device.

Rescue mode is a sort of a 'preconfigured' or a 'preset' configuration profile, with the disk assignment and kernel settings correctly set.

On the other hand, the configuration profile settings leaves room for potential mistakes if a user chooses to boot the Finnix kernel without properly assigning the recovery volume. Also, a proper configuration should set this recovery volume as the root device.

I think the Finnix kernel shouldn't be listed in the configuration profile settings, if a user wants to boot into recovery mode he should simply use the Rescue tab.

P.S. I also tried the Cloud Manager (still in beta) it looks great!

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Hey there,

Thanks for these suggestions about Finnix and its configuration profiles, I will go ahead and submit that feedback. Also, glad to hear that you like the looks of the new Cloud Manager, we are working hard on adding more features to it.

Stay tuned to our blog; If we have any more news about the Cloud Manager or other products, we will be posting it there.

I like being able to create my own Finnix profile. It puts me in control of disk order without needing to open the Linode Manager every time, and allows me to boot a Linode into Finnix from APIv3 (which has no rescue mode method).


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