Access log files - laravel app

Hi, I'm trying to view log files for the first time. (new to linode, production env's)

A user is getting a 500 error when registering for an account. I'm able to SSH via SQLpro, their record was created and they can log into the app when clearing the 500 page.

SQLpro via SSH doesn't let me see folders of app files.

Thank you ~

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Since you have ssh working - you should be able to use one of:

  • an ssh client like Putty to "ssh into" the server - and then use Linux console commands like "cd", "cat" and "less" to inspect the files

  • an scp / sftp tool like WinSCP to connect as "scp / sftp over ssh" - and then you'll be able to browse the server's file system visually

Thank you @kmansoft, There's not a way to do that within the Linode website?

I've found cyberduck for mac, but..

How do you view files using linode, maybe that's a better question for a newbie..

within the Linode website

You can use Lish which runs "on the web site" - it's a way to remotely access your "computer" (Linode node) as if it were a real computer with a monitor and keyboard in front of you.

You will need to know your root password in order to log into the Linode node.

And then once you're logged in - you can look around the file system using standard Linux commands like "cd" / "cat" / "less" and so on.

Or you can use any "ssh" utility capable of "sftp" file access. Windows or Mac (I guess it's the latter for you) - doesn't matter.


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