web page dont work from mobile devices

Hello, I am testing cwp7 with cent os everything is working but i have a problem. Websites work perfect from desktop browsers, but from mobile devices it goes to the default server apache page? I have configured dns from linode dns manager and point the domians to linodes nameservers and manage them from there.

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Unless you've added a directive specifically to redirect visitors with a cellular user agent string, the issue you're describing sounds like your web server isn't configured to display the intended page over IPv6.

Cell carriers today frequently use IPv6 addresses for their users rather than the more commonly used IPv4 addresses from the past.

If you've already configured your AAAA record to point to your Linode's IPv6 address and your web server is listening over IPv6 (you can check with ss -6lptn and look for :::80 and/or :::443) then you should only need to use the panel to configure an Apache VirtualHost for serving the page.

I found the following article which appears to give all of the information that you'll need, beginning at the "Step 1:" section slightly down the page:

Something I do want to note is that you'll need to enable the nginx reverse proxy in Apache settings > Select Web Servers and reboot the web server before making the rest of the changes.

Hello thanks for helping me but I have disabled ipv6 on my phone. Here is the domain. theanstyle.com , I am just testing the cent os web panel.

You should probabsly check ipv6 is actually disabled:


Most phones won’t let you disable ipv6 for the cellular interface. Unless you’re saying this happens over Wi-fi too with ipv6 disabled. In any case still worth testing above to make sure it is actually disabled.

Next run tcpdump on the port to check what ip the traffic is really coming from, and then the web server logs to see what it’s matching against to serve the content.

Thank you again, I will check out to enable ipv6 and yes it is over wifi.


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