Add Single SSH Key to New Linode

During the Linode creation process, I'm able to check a box to add an SSH key to my new server. However, if I have two different keys added to my account, it looks as though both of those keys get added to the server.

Is there a way to have multiple keys in my account and add a single different one to the new linodes that I create?

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Do you get a checkbox next to each SSH key?

And if you only check one, it adds both keys to the deployed VM?

If the answer to both these questions is yes, then that definitely sounds like a bug and would probably be best reporting through support.

Thanks for the response. What I see is a single checkmark next to a comma separated list of all keys in my account. I will contact support. Maybe I just need to remove and re-add these keys or something…

To follow up on this, I heard from support and they said this is actually the expected behavior. To quote: "SSH keys are saved per user and the ability to select individual ones [during Linode creation] is not available at this time." She said they will put in an internal ticket for the enhancement though.

Overall not a huge issue as one can manually add keys to a Linode after its creation (or make and reuse an image with a specific key already in it), but perhaps this will help others with the same question.


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