I am not able ping even gateway from within node

I have spin-up a linod from cloning of another one. After booting up the new Server I am not able to reach the new server from my desk.

On checking the new server from the console, I am unable to reach the gateway IP even from within the new Server.
Any suggestion.

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Which datacenter did you create your Linode in? There were some issues in Frankfurt this morning

Can you show us the output of ip addr show? Does it have the same IP address as the linode you cloned?

Thanks for checking the request.

  1. The Linode is located in London DC.
    2.The server was build from the clone of another server.

How fixed the issue.

We have deleted the default ifcfg-eth0 file
and restarted the network service in the Linode .

Then we were able to reach the gateway .

Glad to hear that you were able to resolve this issue!


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