Can you please explain the Network Transfer Pool quota?

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I just received a Linode Alert, Outbound Transfer Quota, which tells me I have gone over my Network Transfer Pool quota. Can you tell me how I can avoid getting incurring extra charges based on going over the allocated Network Transfer Limits?

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The Network Transfer limits for all of your Linodes are pooled together in to the Network Transfer Pool, which can be used by any Linode on your account. If you use all available transfer in the Transfer Pool you can continue to use your Linodes normally but you'll be charged $0.02 for each additional GB.

To get a sense of your overall pool, at the bottom of the the main Linodes page in your Linode Manager, there is a bar indicating "This Month's Network Transfer Pool". In the bar should be a percentage used; underneath the bar should be spelled out the amount used and the actual quota. You can access that page here:


In order to mitigate going over your overall network traffic allocation, you can either:

  1. Resize the current Linode to a larger size in order to access to more monthly transfer bandwidth; or

  2. Purchase (an) additional Linode(s) with the specific purpose of increasing the monthly transfer limit to avoid the overage.

You may need to run some calculations to determine which path is best from a cost perspective considering your use pattern. Also please note, whether the traffic is being distributed intra datacenter does not impact how we count the total monthly outbound network traffic.

What if something goes wrong / misconfigured / hacked?
Is there a way to set a limit on the Network Transfer Pool so that it does not run amok and people get charged for the extra transfer ?

@jjohnsen --

This is why God invented firewalls…and fail2ban… If you haven't set them up, you should…like yesterday…

-- sw


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