Restored backup and imap is kaput.

I went through a huge fiasco yesterday that resulted in me restoring one of my nodes from a snapshot I took earlier that day. While it mostly the same as it was when I took the snapshot, some small issues have cropped up that weren't there before.

For instance, my imap stopped working. I'm not getting my email anymore, except through the pop servers. Nothing has changed since I created the snapshot and when it was created my email was working just fine.

  • iptables ports are open.

  • when I run lsof -Pnl +M -i4 I see ssh, 'master' (on port 25), ntpd and mysqld. Not sure if I should be seeing courier there or not, but I restarted courier-imap and courier-authdaemon just to be safe… no change.

Not really sure where to look after that… any ideas?

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