SOLVED security update on debian 6

hello. i'm not quite sure what i need to do here. i just did a apt-get update and apt-get upgrade, and then i'm getting this,

Reading changelogs... Done

php5 (5.3.3-7+squeeze5) squeeze-security; urgency=high

  * The following new directives were added as part of security fixes:
    - max_input_vars - specifies how many GET/POST/COOKIE input variables
      may be accepted.  Default value is set to 1000.
    - xsl.security_prefs - define forbidden operations within XSLT
      stylesheets.  Write operations are now disabled by default.

 -- Ondřej Surý <>Mon, 23 Jan 2012 12:22:26 +0100

php5 (5.3.3-7+squeeze4) squeeze-security; urgency=low

  * Updated blowfish crypt() algorithm fixes the 8-bit character handling
    vulnerability (CVE-2011-2483) and adds more self-tests.  Unfortunately
    this change is incompatible with some old (wrong) generated hashes for
    passwords containing 8-bit characters.  Therefore the new salt prefix
    '$2x/> was introduced which can be used as a replacement for '$2a/>
    salt prefix in the password database in case the incompatibility is

 -- Ondřej Surý <>Mon, 04 Jul 2011 10:31:16 +0200

/tmp/tmpDFEwf7 (END)</></> 

I'm not quite sure what i need to do after this, it just hangs there.



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I just saved it and it continued.

Just press 'q' (quit), then the upgrade continues normally and send you an email with that info too.


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