Another boring in-praise-of-linode thread

I've been a linode customer for many years and while they are not the cheapest, they consistently provide a quality product.

Their fast support is an example others should follow in how to keep customers. Recently some fremont linodes have been experiencing brief network issues. As an engineer, I know how hard it is to nail problems that occur at random times and last only a minute or two. Their prompt response and somewhat informative replies kept me from losing my cool. Their courteous and patient replies are exactly what is needed.

The issue has now been resolved.

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They are top notch, I hope they never get bored with their ability to do a great job.

Well, hate to be a fanboy and chime in, but… Linode is just that good. I've been using their servers since 2009 and they are the best. I also do EC2 and have tried others as well, but Linode beats all.

that's interesting. here's my experience with intermittent network problems.

me: hello, there is heavy packet loss on the last hop to my linode, and i can't log onto my linode any more, even lish is down.

linode: mtr or gtfo

me: ok, here's an mtr

linode: i need it in both direction, log onto your linode and do an mtr from there

me: I can't log onto my linode, there's too much packet loss on the last hop

linode: use lish, see blah://lish.linode/lish.html

me: lish is down, too

linode: I can't see anything wrong.

me: yeah, it just seemed to fix itself in the 10 minutes I was talking to you.

linode: have a nice day.

me: what was wrong?

linode: if the problem reoccurs please don't hesitate to open a new support ticket.

This happened a few times to me when tokyo DC first opened up, and it got a little frustrating.

I believe it was a neighbour of mine getting packeted, (I found out from irc, not through a ticket)

and then one day they problems stopped, and never returned.

My only complaint with linode, though, is I wish they would open up more. I can't complain about a few

little network issues in years of service, and every time I reported the network problem it was fixed

before I could blink. but everything is so top secret and hush hush.

I agree. I too would like them to open up more.

Mnyeah… the secrecy. Here's my paraphrased experience:

Me: Why are backups failing so much

Linode: We're working on the problem. Should be fixed in 3 days.

Me: OK…

4 days later

Me: Why are backups still failing so much?

Linode: We're working on the problem. Should be fixed in 3 days.

Me: Can you give me any more information?

Linode: We're working on the problem. Should be fixed in 3 days.

4 days later

Me: So. Backups still failing. Any chance of any information at all?

Linode: We're working on the problem. Should be fixed in 3 days.

Of course, they do appear fixed now. But it'd be nice not to be shut down "computer says 'no'" style.

I've experienced similar vagueness. It doesn't bug me too much since things usually get fixed quickly, but it was tough being in the dark right after I signed up and there were lots of issues with some Newark machines in 6/2012.

+infinity and beyond!

Love linode been with them for a couple years now. Yeah, I get grumpy and frustrated sometimes (grrr..) but they always handle me right. Keep up the awesome work guys.



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