Incapsula benefits or already built into linode?


Currently I'm using a service called incapsula ( to further increase the security of my website. I was wondering whether this had any additional benefit to what Linode already offers and whether I'm just wasting my money?

Also, if Linode doesn't already include the additional security benefits this service provides, does anyone know if they ever intend to implement such measures?

I'm not overly experienced in website security issues to this level hence why I'm asking this question which could be obvious to some.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,


Paul :-)

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It's the same idea as CloudFlare. There are lots of reviews out there comparing the various cloud security services.

Linode stick to the server infrastructure, they don't run services like that.

Even if they did there is no way they could compete with cloudflare who offer that kind of service for free.


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