Kernel errors and hangs - need help interpereting


I have a Linode running Ubuntu 3.9.3-x86-linode52. It runs LAMP and WordPress and some WP plugs.

Unrelated to any changes made on the admin side (but possibly related to a spike in spam WP registrations – that's my guess about what's different), the Linode likes to spike load and hang every day or so. Rebooting it restores it for a day.

htop says mysql looks like the culprit although mytop does not report any slow queries or common problems.

But I do get nightly reports via logwatch that there are kernel errors what appear to be OOMs related to the errors. I'm having a hard time parsing the reports for a course of action. I pasted a recent one here:

If anybody would care to take a peek and make a suggestion, I would be grateful


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What appears in the actual log file when that happens? logwatch's output is pretty much useless for any troubleshooting.


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