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new around here so be gentle!

I'm trying to track down my SFTP username and login in my Linode account, but can't seem to find them. Does anyone know where I can get them? I need to pass them onto my new developer, the old one has gone AWOL.


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In your linode manager account? They're not available, they're things configured directly on your linode.

Directly on your linode? There are ways that you can look up the usernames (try looking in /etc/passwd), but not the password.

Yeah, you can't retrieve the password–the best you can do is log in as root and change it for the sftp account to something new.

If you don't have the root password…your best bet is to shrink your disk image (or temporarily buy more storage space), create a new disk image in the free space, boot it, mount the other disk image, and edit its passwd and shadow file directly to remove the password, then boot it back up and change the password as root (make sure you make it impossible to log in or otherwise do shit as that account first, otherwise you'll have an account with no access protection whatsoever for a few minutes).


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