Linode is privileged to help the following startups and organizations by donating services toward their respective projects.

Projects We Support
HexR As the only organization fully dedicated to producing the "best websites for everyone," HexR's goal is simply to write code for websites.
GravCMS A modern open-source flat-file CMS with a differing design philosophy, Grav is a fast, simple and flexible file-based Web-platform that averts installation.
Illustris The cosmological Illustris Project simulates galaxy formation by harnessing an unprecedented amalgam of high resolution, total volume and physical fidelity.
podcastinit Podcast.init discusses Python and the community and issues that surround the programming language.
clash tournaments CLASH Tournaments is a media production company for the competitive gaming community with special a focus on the Super Smash Bros. series of games, and to a lesser extent, Pokemon, FGC, and Speed Running.
westeroscraft This Minecraft server is dedicated to expressly recreating the continent of Westeros, which will subsequently serve as setting for a role-playing game involving characters and locales from the George R.R. Martin book series, A Song of Ice and Fire.
WP Gwinnett We are a group of WordPress developers that offer dialogue, education, & support for WordPress users & developers in Gwinnett County, incl. tools & best practices.
LinHes LinHES (Linux Home Entertainment System) is a Linux distribution that centers around MythTV. The goal of this project is to make creating and maintaining a Home Theater PC as simple as possible.
5by5.tv 5by5 is a podcast production company, home to shows like The Talk Show, Back to Work, The Big Web Show, The Pipeline, and more, with hosts including Dan Benjamin, John Gruber, Merlin Mann, and Jeffrey Zeldman.
Changelog Changelog is a digital media company focused on telling developer-centric stories that get to the heart. We exist to enrich the lives of developers.
Fireside.fm Podcast Hosting and Analytics. We've built tons of tools for the busy podcaster to improve your workflow, streamline your process, and create a beautiful website.
{CodingBlocks}.NET Technical podcast and blog, all about programming: methodologies, best practices, tips, tricks of the trade.
team Swinburne Formula SAE Team Swinburne is a university racecar team. They design and build a car each year to compete in the Australasian F-SAE event.