Linode is privileged to help the following startups and organizations by donating services toward their respective projects.

Projects We Support
Glucosio This open-source project builds user-centered, free mobile apps for diabetes management, patient engagement, and research.
Snipt Snipt lets teams and individuals create and edit private and public code snippets.
P’unk Avenue P’unk Avenue helps people and organizations improve the social good through a cross-discipline approach that combines strategy, design and technology.
Headtalk Headtalk manufactures innovative wearable devices that intimately engage one person with a significant other across distance.
Brightside Trust Through online mentoring and resource repositories, the Brightside Trust (501C3) helps disadvantaged young people access the education and career pathways from which they might otherwise have been excluded.
Michigan Science Center The dynamic, "please touch" Michigan Science Center (MiSci) offers programs that inspire curious minds to discover, explore and appreciate science, technology and math. .
OSMC.tv Based on the Kodi Project, the OSMC (Open Source Media Center) is a Linux-based, free and open-source media player that lets you playback media from a local network, attached storage and the Internet.
HexR As the only organization fully dedicated to producing the "best websites for everyone," HexR's goal is simply to write code for websites.
Unitio Unitio transforms healthcare and costs for sufferers of chronic and acute medical conditions. Its innovative, unifying app accelerates innovation, discovery and delivery of new therapies.
talkio This is a tailorable, mobile chat app that's easy to start, share and secure.
GravCMS A modern open-source flat-file CMS with a differing design philosophy, Grav is a fast, simple and flexible file-based Web-platform that averts installation.
Illustris The cosmological Illustris Project simulates galaxy formation by harnessing an unprecedented amalgam of high resolution, total volume and physical fidelity.
McKinney Avenue Transportation Authority This 501C3 organization supplies transportation by way of classic trolleys to Dallas' McKinney Avenue shopping district.
podcastinit Podcast.init discusses Python and the community and issues that surround the programming language.
clash tournaments CLASH Tournaments is a media production company for the competitive gaming community with special a focus on the Super Smash Bros. series of games, and to a lesser extent, Pokemon, FGC, and Speed Running.
westeroscraft This Minecraft server is dedicated to expressly recreating the continent of Westeros, which will subsequently serve as setting for a role-playing game involving characters and locales from the George R.R. Martin book series, A Song of Ice and Fire.