Decent LEMP stackScript

I haven't spun up a completely new Linode in quite some time. Last time, I used 'obs' LEMP stack script.

It seems ancient now (10.04).

What's the easiest way to spin up a LEMP Linode today?

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never used stackscripts but for me on Linode I use CentOS and my own CentminMod LEMP stack auto installer - it's shell menu based

My forums are hosted on Centmin Mod LEMP web stack with 4GB Linode VPS :D

Bump ….

I'm back at this … definitely need to port my older Linode to a new stack.

I could do all the steps myself (deploy, install nginx, install mysql, lock down the firewall, install PHP, install APC ….)

But I'd really prefer point and shoot.

Any good (recent) LEMP stack scripts out there?


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