MaxClients Directive & KeepAlive


I'm not sure if anyone can help but its worth a try.

* Linode 2GB Plan + Fedora 21 + Apache
* Currently, there are no clients as the Development team is testing the application for production readiness.


Initially, the server response was great but now it is very slow. If a Tester tries to upload 10 photos the server can take up to 1 minute to upload, and in some cases the server times out. In previous weeks, this would take only 5-7 seconds.

* 1) No configuration changes were made that could explain the sudden slow response, the issue seems to have just started on its own.
* 2) I am not sure if this has to do with Apache settings, so I started looking into the MaxClients directive. I noticed that there was no directives in the initial httpd.conf file.
* 3) Based on the Linode Guide below, I decided to add the MaxClients directive into the httpd.conf file as outlined. I did some calculations to determine the MaxClients value and the number based on processes running and RAM is 36. However, I kept the value of 30 shown in the Linode Guide.

* The response it still slow, with no apparent gains.

* 1) Does anyone know if this is correct and will this directive work for both port 80 and 443?
* 2) Also, is the module setting significant (prefork, worker, event)?
* 3) I am not sure what module was used when installing Apache, is there a way to check?

Any assistance and/or direction is much appreciated.




KeepAlive Off

StartServers 2

MinSpareServers 6

MaxSpareServers 12

MaxClients 30

MaxRequestsPerChild 3000


Linode Guide … -linode-1g">

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If you are using php (mod_php) you are using prefork mode. You can ignore the other modes.

The problem you are seeing is doubtful to be these apache settings but rather the backend app (php, mysql, etc).

Hi reaktor,

I appreciate the response.

1) How can I check if mod_php ws installed and in use?

2) What suggestions do you have for checking the backend app? I assume you mean settings with the PHP configuration file and MySQL configuration file.

Please let me know if you have any ideas or additional directions. Your help is much appreciated.




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