What exactly do I have?

Over time I have lived through personal add-ons & free upgrades.

I have absolutely no idea what I am actually paying for. The dashboard isn't very informative.

It doesn't say anywhere how many vCPUs I have, how many IP's I might have, MBit rate, and although it says how much storage I have, I'm not sure if that's from the current standard plan, or my standard plan + add-ons.

I can't even go to the pricing page anymore, because they only show metered stuff now.

It makes it hard for me to plan.


From what I can tell, I'm "3072" plan, 6TB/mo transfer, 144GB storage (only disked 72GB, probably due to free doubling in the past).

Only from doing another free upgrade today, do I see my RAM is going from 3GB to 6GB, and vCPUs going from 8 to 4, and Outbound MBits from 250 to 750.

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The metered plans have the monthly price in parenthesis.

If you have pending upgrades, then you will want to do them to eventually reach those plans.

Possibly a question for support in your situation (as I don't see a 6GB Linode option), but for me, https://manager.linode.com/linodes shows me my Linodes, with details such as:

Linode 2048

Linode 4096, etc.

Also, https://www.linode.com/pricing - there is monthly pricing below the unit pricing in the first view.

If you click on 'view all plans', the monthly pricing is on the right hand column, just prior to 'sign up'.

Since your vCPU count is going down, you're behind one generation in plan. You're on a plan that has been phased out due to lack of popularity (IIRC), and are grandfathered into. You'll still receive free upgrades like everybody else, but if you resize to a different plan, you can't go back. Because your plan is phased out, there's no details on the pricing page, as it's not available for new customers to purchase so that would just be confusing. You have the Linode 3072, which costs $60/month. In my time at Linode, your plan started as a Linode 1536, and then free RAM upgrades have made it the Linode 3072, and now Linode 6144. It was meant to provide a filler between the $40 and $80 levels, for customers who didn't quite need twice as much RAM when resizing. Hope this helps!

Thanks everybody.

It does look like all my numbers do fall perfectly at where the "6GB" plan would be (except vCPUs is 4 not 5, which is fine)


The metered plans have the monthly price in parenthesis.
You're right. How did I miss that?!

Proof that marketing can train your eyes…


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