I see linux kernel SNMP counters for xfrm module?


I have a CentOS 7 VM running Strongswan, having problems in reaching the servers on the local (Private) network. In order to debug i need to seen the SNMP counters for xfrm module.

At present it is not enabled.

We need to set the CONFIGXFRMSTATISTICS and recompiling kernel. How do i do this?

Regards Ajit

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Hi Ajit,

If you need to compile your own custom kernel you can follow the instructions in our document here:

Custom Compiled Kernel on CentOS 7

You'll want to make sure that you set CONFIGXFRMSTATISTICS while following those instructions.

Hopefully this points you in the right direction.

Feel free to update this Community post with any additional questions.

Thanks Farland, will use the link.


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