Installing Longview on cPanel

Curious if anyone has a guide to installing Longview, specifically the Apache + MySQL monitoring, for cPanel.

I'm on a 6 core 8GB linode with relatively low traffic. Trying to pinpoint high cpu and disk io. According to Longview, cpsrvd-ssl (cpanel service) is constantly utlizing 50-100% of the cpu – while services like apache+mysql are below 5%

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The first step is to install Longview as you usually do -

curl -s | sudo bash

It will automatically configure for you. But this will install an older unsupported Cpanel version of Linode, this version doesn't seem to have a driver that works for the MySQL reporting. To resolve this issue -

Uninstall the old Cpanel version of Longview as below -

yum remove linode-longview-cpanel-1.1-3

Now install latest version -

yum install linode-longview

Check for your API key that has been stored from initial installation as below -

nano /etc/linode/longview.key

Then configure the MySQL service -

nano /etc/linode/longview.d/MySQL.conf

Enter the Mysql User / pass you created into this file: (remove or comment out any other details here)

username –--------------

password -----------------

Now save the file and restart Longview.

Please let me know if this works.




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