Sending email to Hotmail is going to spam


I have configured Postfix, Dovecot, Mysql. I can successfully send and receive email. I have configured SPF, Sender ID, DKIM, DMARC, and rDNS. My email is still going to the spam box in Hotmail. The IP is not blacklisted either. I am sending the same emails to Gmail, and it is going to the Inbox successfully. My message header is receiving status code 250 from Hotmail. My score is 10/10.

I could really use some help.


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All I can suggest is to ask your correspondents who use Hotmail to mark your messages as "not spam." This may train Hotmail to treat them more positively.

Thanks. I will try this.

Hotmail used to require a couple steps to get your sending server IP address whitelisted such as filling out a form with domain name + ip address and then sending email to a special tech support address, but I think they now rely more on Return Path certification ( … ification/"> which can be very expensive. You can still try though because a form is still at … 1424800188"> (found via postmaster tools

If it's just a handful of known users I think you can get them delivered if the user themselves add you to their own whitelist/contacts list. Some quick instructions for several providers at

You need make sure that you have right SPF and dkim set for your domain, also setup proper rnds for yout IP


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