Hi - first time linode user here (cpanel help)

Greetings from Alabama,

I followed the cpanel tutorial step by step but I cant seem to get the webpage for the domain to show. I added the linode servers in my namecheap acct.

But I still get webpage not found.

What am I missing.


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Hi Aires,

Can you paste the exact address that you are going to in order to access your website?

A couple pics



I have double checked and triple and i am sure everything is correct maybe its just taking awhile to propagate.

I can see you've told the registrar to use linode name servers…

But have you actually told the linode name servers about your domain? The all return 'refused', which normally means they've not been setup properly.


nslookup -type=ns xolanistudios.com ns2.linode.com
Server:        ns2.linode.com

** server can't find xolanistudios.com: REFUSED

If you're going to use the linode name servers then you need to set up the domain in the control panel "DNS" section.

Is this something I should set up in cpanel or the dns manager in linode.

https://www.linode.com/docs/websites/cm … -on-cpanel">https://www.linode.com/docs/websites/cms/set-up-dns-services-on-cpanel

Is this a step I need to do .. but i have one question do I do this for all four of linode servers


You do it on the linode control panel because ("DNS Manager" tab) because that's what configures the Linode DNS servers.


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