blocked ip to access google cloud

Hi all,

just wonder, I spin up some new server to setup server pilot, but it seem like my linode ip is blocked to access google cloud that serverpilot hosted on,

this was the serverpilot reply

"This address is in a range of Linode addresses that Google has blocked from accessing the Google Cloud, which is where we host our servers. It was likely blocked due to the previous Linode customer who had this address using it as a proxy for traffic from Iran, which Google blocks due to legal requirements."

but when I try to contact linode side, the support ask me to contact Google myself. is this how it work?

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This sort of thing can happen at any provider (whether virtual machine or physical machine). It's annoying, but it can happen. Most commonly IP addresses appear on spam blacklists.

I can see three options for you:

1) Ask linode to switch you to another IP address to see if that helps. They may do this

2) Talk to google. Linode aren't on the hook for this; but they might help

3) order a new linode, which will have a new IP address. Once that is built then delete the first.

Fourth option: add a new linode, click the 'ip swap' button to steal its IP, then delete the new linode.


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