Linode Server Down


We purchase one VPS from Linode for our clients and its was working fine. Suddenly it was blocked due to "Linode is sending large amounts of malicious traffic towards other servers"

and 4637337 is the Support ticket.

Can anyone please help me to understand what they need from myside and how to make this VPS up.

Thanks in Advance.


Sathish Rajendiran

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Can anyone help me, its very urgent

It depends what you're using your Linode for, and what software you've installed on it. It's possible that you might've installed something that was bundled with a rootkit or other malware, or it could be that a website you're running is insecure enough that someone might've slipped in a script/exploit that's able to run in the background.

This is the community, though, so very few here are able to see any information in your support ticket. Your best bet is to respond to the ticket to find out what type of malicious traffic has been reported (if there are anything in common with the traffic, aside from your Linode's IP address being the source).


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