Transfer files through ssh-Lish from a standalone Linode

Unfortunately, Fremont experienced a power outage [again].

And Unfortunately the server I'm on is one of the damaged servers.

I can reach it through Lish/terminal, but there is no network connectivity. So rsync etc… cannot work through the network.

And the 'ssh -t' reaches the Linode screen - so cannot rsync it.

So how can I transfer some ~100MB files from the standalone Linode to my own station?

Tried to output an hexa dump of the file - and it works - to then copy-paste here and un-hex it.

But the terminal emulation doesn't have scroll bars - so the copy-paste operation would have to be made 20000 times…

Is there a better idea?

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Maybe: ssh -t from your Unix machine + hexdump/uuencode + the "script" command.

If you have any other linode server on same dc try to scp from lish using linode private IP


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