Compiling kernel 3.19.3

I'm trying to recompile the kernel according to this guide: … n-7-ubuntu">

The problem I found comes while compiling it trying to set CONFIG_PARAVIRT to ON

I really cannot find that items in the whole settings.

Even I searched by the web and I noticed that it's an item under "Processor type and features", nevertheless I couldn't find it.

Is there anybody who can help me on it?

Thank you


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Look up the x86 option for 3.19, looks like it's called "Enable paravirtualization code". You can search while in make menuconfig by hitting / and then typing a string.

Symbol: PARAVIRT [=y]                                                                                                                
 Type  : boolean                                                                                                                      
 Prompt: Enable paravirtualization code                                                                                               
 -> Processor type and features                                                                                                   
 (1)   -> Linux guest support (HYPERVISOR_GUEST [=y])                                                                                 
 Defined at arch/x86/Kconfig:614                                                                              
 Depends on: HYPERVISOR_GUEST [=y]                                                                    
 Selected by: X86_VSMP [=n] && X86_64 [=y] && PCI [=y] && X86_EXTENDED_PLATFORM [=n] && SMP [=y]

So, it's in Processor Type and Features -> Linux Guest support. it'll only show up if Linux Guest Support is itself enabled.

Once you go there, it's the top option. You can hit "?" on it to get the full CONFIG_PARAVIRT name and description.

  • Les

That is exactly why I prefer learning everything "the hard way" like starting from something like slackware. That way you can learn stuff that gonna work with all easier distros too. … elbuilding"> … repository">

I can't see what guide you were following. Because URL is no longer valid. But second link I provided shows most of the ways in which you can edit kernel configuration before compiling. And this problem when you're just unable to find some setting probably solvable by using another tool for configuring it. Different people find different tools easier to use.

P.S. When you learn something "the hard way" It is more likely that you gonna find solutions for minor problems by yourself as well as will be more adaptable to unexpected changes. Like guides can get obsolete … ith-pvgrub"> but when you get used to solving problems on your own, you will be able to update it for your own needs. Do not expect to always find a guide for everything you want to do. Prepare to experiment and discover your own ways.


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