Best SMTP / IMAP / SPAM Tool Chain?

I need to rebuild my servers. It's been far too long!

What is the prevailing SMTP / IMAP / SPAM tool chain these days?

Last I checked Postfix / Dovecot / Spamassassin was the only real option. Has anything changed?

My SMTP needs are easy. Just a handful of users so I don't need anything fancy. But I'm hoping IMAP / SPAM integration has gotten easier. I'm still using "procmail". Remember that?!

I would love to see IMAP push to iPhone more effectively. I reminisce about the days of Blackberry when I got an email in seconds. Sometimes it seems technology is going in reverse.

I keep waiting for SPAM filters to "learn" from each other. I'm not convinced the "bayes" thing even does anything. Any progress on this front?

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I never liked spamassassin. I use some DNSBLs to reject some of the spam and then razor + pyzor + bogofilter to classify what's left.

But I am the only user in my machine. If I had several users, I would use DNSBLs and something like dspam:

Yes, this "bayes" thing actually works. If you are still using procmail, you might want to try bogofilter. You will get an idea about how effective statistical filtering can be.

Do I really still need to use procmail to put spam in the .Spam folder?

It's amazing how little has changed.


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