Poor performance on KVM post-beta

During the beta we observed a 28% throughput increase on our in-house benchmark, which is basically CPU-bound. Xen scores ~60, KVM scored ~77.

But since KVM went GA, we've observed a massive decline in performance. KVM nodes in London, Newark and Fremont are scoring 21.

Xen nodes are performing as well as ever, so we're sticking with it for the time being. Is anyone else observing this too? Please let me know how we can help diagnose the problem.

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If I had to guess, it would be because a bunch of people are migrating and doing benchmarks and generally causing issues on the host. I noticed all of the hosts my KVM nodes are on have a "medium" or "high" load whereas the xen nodes are on hosts with "idle" load.

I noticed that too, but a Xen "medium" performs usually performs as well as an "idle" or "low". I think two of the three KVMs we tested yesterday were also "medium". Unless the scale has changed.

There is something seriously weird going on. fremont975 (KVM, load medium) is benching at 16rps. fremont973 (KVM, load high) is benching 66rps.


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