Hosting with Linode + CDN, is it worth it?

I host quite a few sites that all have different target country. However, I don't want to have different hosts for all these sites and I like Linode.

Is it worth it, going with a CDN like CloudFlare for making the user experience even better and also for ticking the SEO box of existing in the same country as the audience you are serving? Anyone have any experience with this?

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Why don't you ask CloudFlare what they think?

Cloudflare can be very congested with all the booters and skids hiding behind their services, I advise not to use it. Another great load-balancing/WAF alternative would be Sucuri.

This comes from personal experience using both.

Personally I run webservers behind Sucuri and then have static files/assets served on a separate CDN like Cloudfront or MaxCDN, etc. It works pretty well.


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