Restore from linode backup and my wordpress site longer works

So I was experimenting with my Linode VPS today and things kinda went wrong but luckily I had a snapshot backup created before I experimented using the linode backup utility. I decided to restore from my snapshot so I deployed a new Linode and restored the backup to the new Linode but I can now no longer access my wordpress site through the domain. I have changed the ip address in the domain manager to point to the new Linode but this does not work. Also I have shut down the older lInode - is there anything else I am missing? Any help would be much appreciated.

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What's the domain, new ip, and old ip? How long ago did you point the domain to the new ip?

Don't really want to provide my ip address and domain on a forum… i pointed the domin to the new ip address since yesterday and it does not work - also the problem for other domains on the site… any idea what the problem may be?

If you don't provide your public information (domain/IP) you won't get help. :D


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