question on installing the FREEPBX distro as a custom distrobution, on linode

Greetings everyone,

I have a question on installing FREEPBX distro as a custom distrobution, I read the guide on the linode guides on doing the process, of useing a custom distro but since I migrated over to kvm, are their any stepts I need to change for the kvm side of things and I am useing vmware player as my vm program of choice is their anything I need to do to the vmdk file before uploading it to the linode?


Kevin Roberts

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If this helps, we do have a guide for KVM that you can compare against: … kvm-linode">


Thanks for the guide, that does help of the new stepts, now since I am useing Vmware Player, and not virtual box, am guessing the stepts are sort of the same as far as editing the fstab file and such the only difference is the way you create the Vm in the first place? I just wanted to make sure before I started on this project just in case.


Kevin Roberts

The steps for editing the fstab will be the same, regardless of the local virtual machine manager that you are using. As long as you can mount the Finnix iso to transfer your image after making those changes, you should be all set!


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