Can not Reverse DNS

It said: No match was found for "" Reverse DNS must have a matching format…"

How can I solve the problem? Thanks

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That message means exactly what it says. To set reverse DNS for your Linode IP address, the hostname you're trying to set it to MUST already resolve back to that same IP address. This goes for both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

If you had just set up your domain/address records, it's probably not yet resolvable, and you must wait for DNS to make its way across the internet.

Reverse DNS is defined as IP address to domain name mapping - the opposite of forward (normal) DNS which maps domain names to IP addresses. For example, the IP address of is pointing towards then the reverse DNS for it would be and would be stored in the PTR record as

If you get a DNS page error in Plesk, here's a guide to help you - … -in-plesk/">


Did you figure this out?

Many thanks for all of you guys reply.

The problem has solved. The thing is after I setting the "DNS manager", I can not did the "Reverse DNS" at that time. It similar need afew hours to renew something. I do it at this morning, everything shows fine.

Thanks again~

Yes DNS records can take some time. I'm glad everything was figured out.


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